Last Updated: Sep 30, 2017


Deactivates a CDN domain by changing the “DomainStatus” to “offline”


  • After a CDN domain is deactivated, its information will be retained and the system will automatically perform back-to-source processing for requests to the CDN domain

  • If, for the moment, you do not require acceleration for a certain domain name, we recommend using the StopCdnDomain interface to suspend acceleration for the domain name

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
Action String Yes Operation interface name, required parameter
Values: StopCdnDomain
DomainName String Yes The domain name that requests access to CDN

Return parameters

Name Type Description
RequestID String The ID that requests the task

Specific Error Codes

ErrorCode Message HTTP Status
DomainNotExist This domain name does not exist 404
IllegalOperation Illegal domain operation is not permitted. 403
ServiceBusy The specified Domain is configuring. Try again later 503
InvalidParameter The specified value of parameter is not valid. 400
InternalError The request processing has failed due to backend service exception. 400


Request example:

  2. ?Action=StopCdnDomain
  3. &
  4. &<Public Request Parameter>

Return example

JSON format:

  1. {
  2. "RequestId": "324AEFFF-308C-4DA7-8CD3-01B277B98F28"
  3. }

XML format:

  1. <StopCdnDomainResponse>
  2. <RequestId>12FE5F2B-8D1F-447F-AAD7-51183F3EEA07</RequestId>
  3. </StopCdnDomainResponse>
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