Obtain the basic information for the specified CDN domain name configuration.

Request parameters

Parameters Type Required Example values Description
Action String Yes Describecdndomaindetail

The name of this interface. Value:


DomainName String Yes www.yourdomain.com

Domain name.

Return Parameters

Parameters Type Example values Description
RequestId String 15C66C7B-671A-4297-9187-2C4477247A74



Domain name details.

└GmtCreated String 2015-06-25T03:30:50Z

Creation time.

└GmtModified String 2017-06-25T03:30:50Z

Recent modification time.

└ SourceType String domain
Source site type. Value meaning:
  • ipaddr indicates IP source site.
  • domain indicates domain name source site.
  • oss indicates the specified OSS Bucket is the source site.
└DomainStatus String online

The domain name status.

└SourcePort Integer 80

The source port number.

└CdnType String web
The business type of CDN domain name. Value meaning:
  • web: the acceleration of images and small files. 
  • download: acceleration of large file downloads.
  • video: the acceleration of the audio and video on demand.
  • liveStream: the accerleration of the live streaming media.
└Cname String domain.w.alikunlun.net

The CNAME domain name generated for the CDN domain name. It is required to resolve the CNAME of the CDN domain name to this domain name at the DNS provider.

└HttpsCname String yourdomain.com.alikunlun.com

Activate the CNAME domain name of the https.

Doubledomainname String yourdomain.com

Domain name.

└Description String The live domain name.


└ServerCertificateStatus String on
Whether the ssl certificate is activated.
  • on indicates the certificate is activated.
  • off indicates the certificate is deactivated.
└ServerCertificate String ——-BEGIN CERTIFICATE——-\nMIxxxxxxxxx8LDVT2o=\n——-END Certificate ---

If activated, this is the certificate public key.

└Region String cn-hangzhou

The unit information of the live domain name.

└Scope String domestic


└CertificateName String Certificate 1

The name of the certificate.

└ResourceGroupId String abcd1234abcd1234

The resource group ID.


The source site information.

└Content String test.com

Source site address.

└Type String domain
The source site type. Value:
  • ipaddr: IP source site.
  • domain: the domain name source site.
  • oss: OSS Bucket is the source site.
└Port Integer 80

Port that supports 443 and 80.

└Enabled String online


└Priority String 20


└Sources String Source site information.

{ "Source": [ "yourdomain.com" ] }


Request example
http://cdn.aliyuncs.com?Action=DescribeCdnDomainDetail&Public request parameter
Normal return example
  • JSON format

            "Sourcemodels ":{
            "Sourcetype": "Domain ",
        "Requestid": "maid"
Exception return example
  • JSON format

        "Message":"The request processing has failed due to some unknown error.",