Service Operation Interface

API Description
OpenCdnService Activates the CDN service.
DescribeCdnService Queries the CDN service status. This includes Includes Current billing type, service opening time, next effective billing type, current business status, etc.
ModifyCdnService Changes the CDN service billing type.

Refresh the preheating Interface

API Description
Refreshobjectcaches Refreshes the file content on a node. Refreshes the specified URL content to the Cache node.
PushObjectCache Actively pushes content from the origin site to the L2 Cache node. Upon first access, users can directly hit cache so as to relieve pressure on the origin site.
Describerefreshtasks Queries whether or not cache push or refresh statuses have taken effect for the whole site.
DescribeRefreshQuota Query preheating refresh operation margin

Log Information Interface

API Description
DescribeCdnDomainLogs Obtains the download address for the original access log of the specified domain name.
DescribeCustomLogConfig Query custom log configuration details according to configId.
ModifyDomainCustomLogConfig Modify custom log configurations under a domain name.
DescribeUserCustomLogConfig Obtain user's all the custom log congifuration.
ListDomainsByLogConfigId Query the list of all the domain names using a custom log configuration.
ModifyDomainCustomLogConfig Modify custom log configurations under a domain name.
ModifyUserCustomLogConfig Modifies the user customized log configuration information.

Configuration Interface

API Description
DescribeDomainConfigs Queryies domain name configuration
Setoptimizeconfig Configures page optimization parameters.
SetPageCompressConfig Configures smart compression parameters.
SetIgnoreQueryStringConfig Configure filter parameters
SetRangeConfig Configures Back-to-source of range.
SetVideoSeekConfig Configures Drag/Drop playback.
Setsourcehostconfig Set back-to-source host
SetErrorPageConfig Set the 404 page.
Setforceredirectconfig Set the force redirect method, and currently support HTTP and HTTPS force redirects.
SetRefererConfig Set Anti-leech.
SetFileCacheExpiredConfig Set file expiration configuration.
SetPathCacheExpiredConfig Modify directory expiration configuration.
ModifyFileCacheExpiredConfig Modify file expiration settings.
ModifyPathCacheExpiredConfig Modify the path Cache Policy
DeleteCacheExpiredConfig Delete a custom cache policy.
SetReqAuthConfig Set CDN domain access authentication configuration.
Sethttpheaderconfig Set custom HTTP headers.
ModifyHttpHeaderConfig Modify custom HTTP headers.
DeleteHttpHeaderConfig Delete the Referer anti-leech configuration of a CDN domain.
SetDomainServerCertificate Set whether to enable the certificate function under a domain name and modify certificate information.
SetIpBlackListConfig Set the IP address blacklist of a CDN domain.

Domain Operation Interface

API Description
AddCdnDomain Adds CDN domains. At one time, only one CDN can be submitted.
DescribeUserDomains Queries all domain names and statuses under a user name.
DescribeCdnDomainDetail Obtains the basic information for the specified CDN domain configuration.
ModifyCdnDomain Modify CDN domains.
StartCdnDomain Enables an accelerated domain name with a status of "disabled" and changes the domainstatus to online
StopCdnDomain Deactivates a CDN domain by changing the “DomainStatus” to “offline”.
DeleteCdnDomain [USE WITH CAUTION] Deletes the current CDN domain. Only one CDN domain can be submitted at a time.
DescribeDomainsBySource Query the corresponding domain name information based on the source station

Tool Interface

API Description
DescribeIpInfo Verifies whether the specified IP address is the IP address of an Alibaba Cloud CDN node.

Resource Monitoring Interface

API Description
DescribeDomainBpsData Obtain the network bandwidth metric data of a CDN domain.
DescribeDomainFlowData Obtain the network traffic metric data of a CDN domain.
DescribeDomainSrcBpsData Obtain the back-to-source bandwidth metric data of CDN domains.
DescribeDomainSrcFlowData Obtain the back-to-source traffic metric data on a CDN domain in bits.
DescribeDomainHitRateData Obtain the bytes hit rate (percentage of hit bytes) of CDN domains.
DescribeDomainReqHitRateData Obtain the request hit rate (percentage of hit requests) of CDN domain names.
DescribeDomainQpsData Obtain the times of access to a CDN domain per second. The value is expressed in QPS.
DescribeDomainHttpCodeData Obtain the HTTP return code proportion of CDN domains. The minimum granularity is 5 minutes.
DescribeDomainsUsageByDay Obtain the per-day monitoring statistics on a CDN domain.
DescribeTopDomainsByFlow Obtain the domain names that are ranked by traffic.
DescribeDomainPvData Obtain the PV page access statistics. The minimum granularity is 1 hour.
DescribeDomainUvData Obtain the independent UV page access statistics of a CDN domain. The minimum granularity is 1 hour.
DescribeDomainRegionData Obtain the regional user distribution of CDN domains with day granularity.
DescribeDomainISPData Obtain the distribution of users and carriers of CDN domain names with day granularity.
Describedomaintopurlvisit Obtain the popular URL list for a CDN domain name on a specific day.
DescribeDomainTopReferVisit Obtain the reference times ranking of popular pages for a CDN domain name on a specific day.
DescribeDomainFileSizeProportionData Obtain the file size shares of a CDN domain name. The minimum granularity is 1 hour.
DescribeCdnRegionAndIsp Obtain a list of regions and carriers.
DescribeDomainBpsDataByTimeStamp Obtain the bandwidth data of a CDN domain name on different locations and ISPs at specific time. The unit is bit/second.
DescribeDomainMax95BpsData Obtain the 95th percentile bandwidth metric data of CDN domain names. Unit: bit/second. Unit: bit/second.
DescribeDomainPathData Obtain metric data of 5 minutes of CDN domain names path level, including traffic and times of accesses.
DescribeL2VipsByDomain Query the virtual IP address list of an L2 node by the domain name. This interface takes effect after a whitelist is configured.
Describerangedatabylocateandispservice Gets bandwidth data on different locates and ISPs for an accelerated domain name at a certain time.
DescribeDomainRealTimeBpsData Obtain bandwidth data of domain name with 1-minute granularity.
DescribeDomainRealTimeByteHitRateData Obtain byte hit rate data of domain names with 1-minute granularity.
DescribeDomainRealTimeQpsData Obtain Queries per second (QPS) of the domain name for every 1 minute.
DescribeDomainRealTimeReqHitRateData Obtain the request hit rate of the domain name with 1-minute granularity.

Dynamic Route for CDN Interface

API Description
SetDynamicConfig Set the cache rules of Dynamic Route for Content Delivery Network (DCDN).