API Overview

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Service operation interface

API Description
OpenCdnService Activates the CDN service.
DescribeCdnService Queries the CDN service status. This includes the current billing type, service activation time, the billing type that will take effect next, and the current service status.
ModifyCdnService Changes the CDN service billing type.

Domain name operation interface

API Description
DescribeUserDomains Queries all domain names and statuses under a user name.
DescribeCdnDomainDetail Obtains the basic information for the specified CDN domain configuration.
AddCdnDomain Adds CDN domains. At one time, only one CDN can be submitted.
StartCdnDomain Activates a deactivated CDN domain by changing the “DomainStatus” to “online”.
StopCdnDomain Deactivates a CDN domain by changing the “DomainStatus” to “offline”.
DeleteCdnDomain [USE WITH CAUTION] Deletes the current CDN domain. Only one CDN domain can be submitted at a time.

Refresh and push interface

API Description
RefreshObjectCaches Refreshes the file content on a node. Refreshes the specified URL content to the Cache node.
PushObjectCache Actively pushes content from the origin site to the L2 Cache node. Upon first access, users can directly hit cache so as to relieve pressure on the origin site.
DescribeRefreshTasks Queries whether or not cache push or refresh statuses have taken effect for the whole site.

Resource monitoring interface

API Description
DescribeCdnMonitorData Obtains the domain name metric data with a minimum granularity of 5 minutes, including the request hit rate, byte hit rate, QPS, traffic, and average response time.

Log Information Interface

API Description
DescribeCdnDomainLogs Obtains the download address for the original access log of the specified domain name.
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