Add a CDN domain

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Log on to the CDN console. Click CDN Domain Name List and then click Add Domain in the upper-right corner. If the source content is in OSS, select OSS Bucket acceleration.

Step 1. Click CDN Domain Name List

Click Add Domain in the upper-right corner.

Note: A single user can add up to 20 domain names. If you are no longer using a domain name, it is suggested that you delete its record.

Step 2. Enter basic information

Enter CDN domain, select the appropriate business type and origin site type.


  • CDN domain

    The domain entered must have its filing completed. If filing is still in progress, the domain cannot be accessed.

    Domain content must comply with CDN specifications. For details, refer to Product restrictions.

  • Business type

    The business type descriptions are as follows:

Business Type Description
Images and small files acceleration Recommended if the content to be accelerated is mostly images and web files.
Large file download acceleration Recommended if the content to be accelerated is large files (static files larger than 20 MB).
Video/audio on-demand acceleration Recommended if the content to be accelerated is video on-demand or live video services.
Live streaming media acceleration (being tested) The acceleration of live streaming media is provided. Currently, RTMP-based and HLS-based live streaming acceleration is supported. Live streaming services do not support user-defined origin sites. Currently, the central live streaming server is provided:


  • Ensure that check url can be accessed normally before adding a domain.
  • If you click Next, the CDN domain to be added will be verified. The rules are as follows:

    • A CDN domain must be filed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).
    • Duplicate CDN domains are not supported. If your CDN domain is occupied, submit a ticket for processing.
    • Up to 20 CDN domains can be added under the same account.
  • Origin site type

Origin Site Type Description
IP Internet IP addresses of multiple servers can be entered.
Note: If the IP address entered does not belong to an Alibaba Cloud product, the domain to be added will need to be reviewed. This can take 1 or 2 working days.
Origin site domain name Enter an origin site domain.
Note: The origin site domain entered cannot be the same as the CDN domain to be added. For example, if the CDN domain to be added is, it is recommended to set your origin site to
OSS domain name Enter an OSS bucket access address, for example,

Note: If the origin site is a domain, it cannot be the same as the CDN domain to be added. If related resources requested by a user has not been cached on the CDN node, the CDN node will get it from the origin site and return it to the user. If the CDN domain and the origin site domain are the same, request parsing will be repeated on the CDN node, and the CDN node cannot return to the origin site to retrieve the content. If your CDN domain is, it is recommended that you use as the origin site for differentiation.

Step 3. (Optional) Enter the configuration information

Domain configurations can be performed after a CDN domain is created successfully. This procedure is optional.

Step 4. Confirm the information

After confirming the basic information and domain name configurations, click Complete. The new domain name is displayed in the list. Click Management or the domain name to modify the configurations.

Note: When the domain name status is Running, the configuration is taking effect.

Delete domain name configurations

To delete a domain name, you must Stop it if it is in Running status. After the status changes to Stopped, the Delete button becomes available and the domain name can be deleted.

CNAME binding

  1. Obtain the correct CNAME domain.

    The CNAME domain is displayed in the CDN domain list, as shown in the following screenshot:


  2. Query the domain status.

    Domain name configurations must be distributed to all nodes in the network; this can take up to 15 minutes.

  3. Correctly configure DNS resolution.

    Go to your DNS service provider to complete the CNAME configuration.

  4. Verify that the CNAME domain has been added successfully.

    Ping the added CDN domain. If you are directed to the \*.\* domain, the CDN is serving your website.

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