Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) can reduce network latency caused by geographic location, bandwidth limits, and server performance. These are core factors in the improvement of user experience.

Customer Case
Tmall Tmall has greatly reduced costs on bandwidth resources and business operations by using Alibaba Cloud CDN, which is built on a distributed architecture. Alibaba Cloud CDN accelerates user requests destined for Tmall and handles traffic spikes during the Double 11 sales event.
Taobao Alibaba Cloud CDN delivers content to web clients and mobile clients for Taobao. A large number of images can be returned to users within milliseconds. This greatly reduces the time to load images and improves user experience.
Alipay Alibaba Cloud CDN supports financial services of Alipay. HTTPS connections are used to prevent DNS servers and resources from being hijacked or modified. This protects user information and ensures the security of transactions.
Sina Weibo Alibaba Cloud CDN helps Sina Weibo optimize the TCP protocol and increase the efficiency of loading images by 20%. Alibaba Cloud CDN is the major CDN service used by Sina Weibo.
Xiami Music Alibaba Cloud CDN helps Xiami Music increase service availability to higher than 99.9% and allows Xiami Music to focus on its business creativity. Alibaba Cloud technical support provides quick responses and solutions to help Xiami Music address issues without interrupting services.
Zhihu Workloads of Zhihu has been migrated to the cloud based on the multimedia solutions provided by Alibaba Cloud. The response time of services is reduced to one-third of the previous amount. User experience is improved.
Momo Momo needs to process a large number of requests for images and short videos. After Alibaba Cloud CDN is applied, the speed of loading images is reduced to within seconds. This greatly improves user experience.
UC Alibaba Cloud CDN helps UCWeb reduce bandwidth costs on delivering content to web clients. After UCWeb uses Alibaba Cloud CDN along with Object Storage Service (OSS), the costs on storage hardware are also reduced and the pipeline of development and O&M is simplified.