Typical Customer  Descriptions
Tmall Tmall’s use of our distributed system architecture has contributed to a significant reduction in their bandwidth usage and overhead. Users around the world can now access to the Tmall website more quickly, and the website is now able to cope with traffic spikes such as shopping festivals.
Taobao Alibaba Cloud CDN supports Taobao’s content distribution to PCs and mobile devices, allowing Taobao to respond in milliseconds and load images in seconds while facing masses of image processing requests, providing users with superior experience.
Alipay Alibaba Cloud CDN provides financial services for Alipay. The encrypted HTTPS access not only improves user experience but also keeps the security of users’ personal and banking information from theft and tampering.
Sina Weibo By virture of Alibaba Cloud CDN, Sina Weibo enhances images downloading experience for their users. It optimizes underlying TCP protocol to accelerate image download speed by 20%. Alibaba Cloud CDN is now the main CDN provider for Sina Weibo.
Xiami.com Alibaba Cloud CDN’s innovative approach and 99.9%+ availability play a significant role in improving the business stability of Xiami.com.  Alibaba Cloud’s after-sales team also guarantees customers quick online response and solution to any problem.
Zhihu Zhihu uses Alibaba Cloud's multi-media solution. Response time has been reduced by one-third. Users’ access experience is greatly improved. Response time has been reduced by one-third. Users' access experience is greatly improved.
Momo With massive processing requests for images and short videos, Momo chose Alibaba Cloud CDN. With faster image loading and downloading speed, Momo's provides users with a superior experience.
UC Alibaba Cloud CDN helps UC Web reduce its bandwidth consumption significantly across the whole business. By using the OSS storage service, UC has reduced required IT hardware investment, making development and O&M much easier.