Change History

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2017

Date Event Description
2008~2011 Taobao CDN was launched in order to serve the Taobao site.
2011~2014-02 Taobao CDN evolved into Alibaba Cloud CDN, which was to provide services for all subsidiaries of the Alibaba Group.
2014-03-21 The Alibaba Cloud CDN service was officially launched and provided for external sales
2015-05-22 Responding to the call of the premier, Alibaba Cloud reduced the full price of CDN by 21%.
2015-06-04 Customization of the 404 Page function was deployed.
2015-06-18 Alibaba Cloud released the new OpenAPI to support the addition, deletion, modification, and query of CDN domains.
2015-07-31 The on-demand streaming media acceleration solution was deployed, along with the on-demand authentication function.
2015-08-27 The Set HTTP Request Header function was deployed.
2015-09-24 Support for resource monitoring traffic report export was added to provide multi-dimensional support for resource distribution.
2015-10-13 The priority function for custom cache configurations was deployed.
2015-12-29 The domain name configuration and resource monitoring APIs were deployed.
2016-02-02 The prepay CDN resource package was deployed.
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