This topic describes the release notes of Alibaba Cloud CDN features.

Feature change Description Release date Supported region Reference
Added support for the IPv6 protocol After IPv6 is enabled, IPv6 clients can access Alibaba Cloud CDN over IPv6. Alibaba Cloud CDN also includes the IPv6 information to access your origin server. October, 2019 All Configure IPv6 settings
Released the audio and video preview feature Audio and video preview allows a CDN node to only return audio/video files of a specific length to the client. October, 2019 All Configure audio or video preview
Released the audio extraction feature With audio extraction enabled, a CDN node extracts audio data from a video file and then returns only the audio data to the client. This reduces network traffic usage. September, 2019 All Audio extraction
Added support for the QUIC protocol The QUIC protocol is equally secure as TLS/SSL, with reduced connection and transmission latency. If you want to improve resource access efficiency and ensure data transmission security, enable the QUIC protocol. August, 2019 All Configure the QUIC protocol
Released the Brotli compression feature Brotli is a new open-source compression algorithm. This feature improves the download performance by about 15% to 25% compared with Gzip compression. May, 2019 All Configure Brotli compression
Released the User-Agent blacklist and whitelist feature This feature enables Alibaba Cloud CDN to control access based on the User-Agent request header. You can configure a User-Agent blacklist or whitelist to authenticate and authorize visitors. This feature helps to block malicious requests. May, 2019 All Configure a User-Agent blacklist or whitelist
Added support for changing the acceleration region in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console You can change the region for an accelerated domain in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console. With this feature, you can adjust the scope of your CDN service without submitting a ticket. April, 2019 All Modify basic information
Upgraded the CDN certificate center The CDN certificate center was upgraded to allow you to configure certificates for one or more accelerated domains at one time. March, 2019 All None
Added support for the origin SNI setting Server Name Indication (SNI) specifies the name of the domain that is requested, allowing the server to correctly return the corresponding certificate for the specified domain. March, 2019 All Configure an origin SNI
Added the support for TLS version and HSTS management
  • After a Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol version is enabled, the TLS handshake is enabled for the accelerated domain.
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is used to force clients (such as browsers) to use HTTPS to establish connections to the server.
November, 2018 All
Released the real-time log delivery feature

CDN integrates with Log Service to push logs to Log Service in real time for further analysis.

October, 2018 All


Released a new API version for Alibaba Cloud CDN We will stop maintaining the former API version soon. We recommend that you use the new API version. For more information, see Differences between the former and new CDN API versions. September, 2018 All Overview of the new API version
Released a new version of the Alibaba Cloud CDN console The new version of the Alibaba Cloud CDN console not only allows you to complete basic operations such as domain name configuration, but also provides resource monitoring services for real-time data analysis. You can also learn about your billing information and change the billing method at any time. July, 2018 All Features
Launched two sub-products of Alibaba Cloud CDN: Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN) and Secure Content Delivery Network (SCDN)
  • DCDN is built on Alibaba Cloud CDN to accelerate content distribution from applications and sites. These sites distribute only dynamic content, or distribute both dynamic and static content.
  • SCDN is a CDN service that features optimum content protection capabilities.
August, 2017 All


Added a new billing method: subscription-based data transfer plan You are charged based on annual subscription. You can make a one-off payment and use the data transfer plan immediately after the payment. The amount of data that exceeds the quota is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. February, 2016 All

CDN data transfer plans

Added support for configuring cache settings and specifying priorities in case of multiple origins You can configure cache expiration rules for resources of a specific file type or in a specific directory. For each expiration rule, you can specify a time-to-live (TTL) value for the cached resources and set the priority of the rule. October, 2015 All Create a cache expiration rule
Added support for customizing HTTP response headers Currently, Alibaba Cloud provides 10 HTTP response headers for you to customize. August, 2015 All Create an HTTP header
Officially launched Alibaba Cloud CDN Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed network built over the transport network and contains edge node clusters deployed in different regions. Alibaba Cloud CDN reduces workloads from origins to prevent network congestion. You can use Alibaba Cloud CDN to accelerate website content delivery in different regions or scenarios. March, 2014 All What is Alibaba Cloud CDN?