This topic lists the latest changes to Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN).


Feature Description Released date Region Reference
Integration with Anti-DDoS Pro Alibaba Cloud CDN nodes integrate with Anti-DDoS Pro to scrub network traffic. This way, Alibaba Cloud CDN can accelerate content delivery while mitigating malicious requests. 2020-06 All regions Configure Anti-DDoS
Image editing This feature allows you to resize, crop, sharpen, and rotate images and convert image formats on CDN nodes. 2020-06 All regions Image editing and benefits
Rewrite of external links to resolve IPv6 performance issues IPv6 deployment faces the following challenges: slow responses, content loading errors, and redirection errors. These are known performance issues of IPv6. You cannot resolve these issues by applying the dual-stack technology or upgrading your network or applications if the sites linked to your website do not support IPv6. Alibaba Cloud CDN provides a solution by rewriting the external links on CDN nodes and accelerating them over IPv6. 2020-05 All regions EdgeRoutine overview
Rate limiting When the response time of your website is increased due to HTTP flood attacks, the rate limiting feature can block specific requests sent to the website within seconds and improve the security of the website. 2020-04 All regions Configure rate limiting
EdgeRoutine EdgeRoutine is a computing environment that allows you to deploy JavaScript code on all CDN nodes at a time. 2020-03 All regions EdgeRoutine overview


Feature Description Released date Region Reference
Support for the IPv6 protocol After IPv6 is enabled, IPv6 clients can access Alibaba Cloud CDN over IPv6. Alibaba Cloud CDN also brings the IPv6 information when Alibaba Cloud CDN accesses your origin server. 2019-10 All regions Configure IPv6 settings
Audio and video preview The audio and video preview feature allows a CDN node to return only audio or video files of a specific length to clients. All regions Audio or video preview
Audio extraction After the audio extraction feature is enabled, CDN nodes extract audio data from a video file and then returns only the audio data to the client. This reduces data usage. 2019-09 All regions Audio extraction
Request rewriting This feature allows you to configure rewrite rules in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console to customize the processing of requests. 2019-07 All regions Create a rewrite rule
Brotli compression Brotli is a new open source compression algorithm. It improves download performance by about 15% to 25% compared with Gzip compression. 2019-05 All regions Brotli compression
User-Agent blacklists and whitelists This feature enables Alibaba Cloud CDN to control access based on the User-Agent request header. You can configure a User-Agent blacklist or whitelist to authenticate and authorize visitors and block malicious requests. All regions Configure a User-Agent blacklist or whitelist
Switch between accelerated regions You can change the accelerated region for an accelerated domain name in the Alibaba Cloud CDN console. 2019-04 All regions Modify basic information
Upgraded certificate center The certificate center of Alibaba Cloud CDN was upgraded to allow you to configure certificates for one or more accelerated domain names at a time. 2019-03 All regions Configure an SSL certificate for multiple domain names at a time
Origin SNI settings Server Name Indication (SNI) specifies the name of the domain name that is requested, and enables the origin server to return the correct certificate for the specified domain name. All regions Configure SNI


Feature Description Released date Region Reference
TLS version and HSTS management
  • After a Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol version is enabled, TLS handshakes are enabled for the specified accelerated domain name.
  • HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is used to force clients such as browsers to use HTTPS to establish connections to the server.
2018-11 All regions
A new API for Alibaba Cloud CDN Alibaba Cloud will stop maintaining the earlier API for Alibaba Cloud CDN soon. We recommend that you use the new API. For more information, see Differences between the earlier and latest CDN API versions. 2018-09 All regions Overview of the new API
A new version of the Alibaba Cloud CDN console The new version of the Alibaba Cloud CDN console not only allows you to perform basic operations such as domain name configuration, but also provides resource monitoring services for the implementation of real-time data analytics. You can also learn about your billing information and change the billing method based on your business requirements. 2018-07 All regions Features


Feature Description Released date Region Reference
Dynamic Route for CDN (DCDN)

DCDN is built based on Alibaba Cloud CDN to accelerate content delivery from applications and sites. These applications or sites distribute only dynamic content, or both dynamic and static content.

2017-08 All regions What is Dynamic Route for CDN?


Feature Description Released date Region Reference
Subscription data transfer plans Alibaba Cloud CDN provides subscription data transfer plans. You can make a one-off payment and use the data transfer plan immediately after the payment is completed. The amount of data that exceeds the quota is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis. 2016-02 All regions CDN data transfer plans


Feature Description Released date Region Reference
Support for configuring cache settings and priorities of multiple origin servers You can configure cache expiration rules for resources of a specific file type or under a specific directory. For each expiration rule, you can specify a time-to-live (TTL) value for the cached resources and set the priority of the rule. 2015-10 All regions Create a cache expiration rule
Customization of HTTP response headers Alibaba Cloud CDN supports 10 types of HTTP response header. 2015-08 All regions Create an HTTP header


Feature Description Released date Region Reference
Official release of Alibaba Cloud CDN Alibaba Cloud CDN is a distributed network built over the bearer network and consists of edge nodes deployed in different regions. Alibaba Cloud CDN offloads network traffic from origin servers to prevent network congestion. You can use Alibaba Cloud CDN to accelerate website content delivery in different regions or scenarios. 2014-03 All regions What is Alibaba Cloud CDN?