This topic describes how to configure auto scaling policies for CPU resources in ApsaraDB for MyBase dedicated clusters. This helps you utilize idle resources on your hosts to improve instance performance.


For example, if eight instances with the specification of 4 cores and 8 GB memory each are deployed on a host with the specification of 16 cores and 128 GB memory, the total CPU resources of the instances is twice the total CPU resources of the host. In this case, the CPU overcommit ratio of the host is 200%. When traffic spikes or flash sales occur, a maximum of 4 cores can be used for each instance due to instance specification limits. This can cause serious resource issues. In this case, your business requirements cannot be met due to insufficient resources.

You can configure static policies to temporarily increase CPU resources and the upper limit of instance specifications. For more information, see Upgrade the specifications of an instance for short-term use. This method is suitable only for scenarios in which you can forecast traffic spikes and manually increase the CPU resources in advance. If you use this method, resource scaling cannot be triggered in real time. To ensure performance during unexpected traffic spikes, we recommend that you configure an auto scaling policy for CPU resources in your dedicated cluster. This way, the system automatically increases CPU resources based on the resource utilization and available host resources. This reduces O&M costs.

Supported database engines

Auto scaling policies for CPU resources can be configured for MyBase for MySQL dedicated clusters and MyBase for PostgreSQL dedicated clusters.
Note For more information about how to create a MyBase for MySQL instance or a MyBase for PostgreSQL instance, see the following topics:


  • After you modify an auto scaling policy for CPU resources in a dedicated cluster, wait about 3 minutes for the new configuration to take effect.
  • After the auto scaling policy takes effect, auto scaling of CPU resources is triggered for an instance when 80 percent of the CPU resources of the instance are utilized. The CPU resources are scaled based on the auto scaling policy.


  1. Log on to the ApsaraDB for MyBase console.
  2. In the upper-left corner of the page, select the region where you want to deploy the dedicated cluster.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, click Clusters. On the page that appears, find the dedicated cluster that you want to manage and click Details in the Actions column.
  4. On the cluster details page, click the Elasticity Policy tab. Then, specify Scale-up Ratio for the CPU resources and click Save.
    Note By default, Scale-up Ratio for the CPU resources is set to 50%.