CloudSSO users can change their passwords in the CloudSSO user portal. A password is valid for 90 days. We recommend that you regularly change your password to ensure data security.

Background information

You can change a password by using one of the following methods:
  • CloudSSO console

    A CloudSSO administrator can reset the passwords of users in the CloudSSO console. This applies to scenarios in which a user has forgotten the password, the password has expired, or the password may pose security risks. For more information, see Reset the password of a user.

  • User portal
    You can change your password in the user portal, which applies to the following scenarios:
    • Your password is about to expire within 20 days. Each time you log on to the CloudSSO console, the system prompts you to change the password. You can ignore this prompt. However, we recommend that you change the password in time. When you change the password, you need only to enter the new password.
    • You are required to change your password when you log on to the user portal for the first time. In this scenario, you must change the password. A CloudSSO administrator can configure system settings to require a user to change the password upon the first logon.
    • You want to regularly change your password to ensure data security. In this scenario, you must enter both the old and new passwords. This topic describes how to change the password in this scenario.


  1. Log on to the user portal by using the username-password logon method.
    For more information, see Log on to the CloudSSO user portal.
  2. Move the pointer over your profile picture in the upper-right corner of the page and click Change Password.
  3. On the Change Password page, enter the old password and a new password and click Confirm.