This topic describes how to ingest streams over Real-Time Streaming (RTS). This topic also provides usage notes of stream ingest over RTS.


  1. Add domain names, resolve canonical domain name (CNAME) records, and associate domain names by using the ApsaraVideo Live console or API. For more information, see Quick start.
  2. Enable low-latency stream ingest in the console.

    On the Domains page, click the ingest domain that you want to configure. On the page that appears, choose Stream Management > RTS. On the RTS page, turn on RTS.

  3. Generate an ingest URL.

    You can generate an ingest URL by using the URL generator. For more information, see Use the URL generator.

  4. Change the protocol header of the ingest URL to artc.
  5. Pass the ingest URL to AliLive SDK to ingest streams.

Usage notes

Stream ingest over RTS has the following limits compared with stream ingest over RTMP:

  • Supports only the mono mode.
  • Does not support the automatic ingest of images in poor network conditions.
  • Supports only Low Complexity (LC) for audio coding.
  • Supports only 48kHz for the audio sample rate.