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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Latest version

The latest version of DTS Subscription SDK is provided and updated in this page and DTS Subscription SDK Maven Page. Please see DTS Subscription SDK Maven Page for latest DTS Subscription SDK.

DTS Subscription provides SDK in JAR File and Maven dependency. Please see Introduction to SDK Demo for Maven configuration and usage information.



The new features of this version includes:

  1. Optimize error logging for easier problem detection.
  2. Unified public cloud and dedicated cloud version, providing dedicated cloud POP addess.
  1. client.askForCluserAddress(specailClusterAddress/*Dedicated Cloud POP Address*/);



In this version, SDK provides functional enhancement and performance optimization. We also fix several bugs.:

  1. Support DRDS as subscription source.
  2. Support transfering subscription data using Binary Mode.
  3. Fix several bugs。



Lots of optimizations and bug fixed in this new version, including:

  1. Fix subscription data duplication caused by one SDK raises several connections to server side, when DTS Server’s workload is high.
  2. Fix SDK submit DR start point failed problem when DTS Server’s workload is high.
  3. Fix when SDK uses client.stop() to exist, thread resource cannot be released clearly.
  4. Fix SDK reports “keep alive error” and line 152 error java.lang.NullPointerException problem.
    Provide Maven dependecy from this version.



Compared with the last version, this version fixes several bugs, including:

  • Client exit exception
  • Decouple log subscription thread and consumption thread