Modify consumption timestamp

Last Updated: Jun 22, 2017

DTS supports the modification of a consumption timestamp at any time during the consumption process. When a consumption timestamp is changed, the change data pulled by SDKs starts from the new consumption timestamp. The new consumption timestamp must be within the data range of the subscription instance. DTS can only change a consumption timestamp on the console, and does not support a specified consumption timestamp in the SDK.

This section introduces how to modify a consumption timestamp on the console.


1. Stop the SDK consumption process

Before you start to modify the consumption timestamp, verify that all SDKs connected to the subscription instance are stopped.

You can check the consumer sources (IP address) of the subscription instance for verification. If the consumer sources are empty, then all downstream SDKs of the subscription instance are stopped.

2. Modify the consumption timestamp

The consumption timestamp modification is only available on the DTS console.

  1. On the Data subscription page, hover your mouse over the consumption time for the subscription channel to be modified, and click the icon.

  2. On the Change consumption time page, select the consumption time as needed.

    Note: The consumption time must be within the time range of subscription channel.


3. Restart SDK consumption process

After the consumption time is modified, restart the SDK consumption processes.

SDK then subscribes to the change data from the new consumption time.

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