During data consumption, you can modify the consumption checkpoint based on your business requirements. After you modify the consumption checkpoint, the downstream SDK client will consume the data that is generated after the specified time.



To perform this operation, you must restart all downstream SDK consumption processes. We recommend that you perform this operation during off-peak hours to avoid service interruption.


  1. Stop all downstream SDK consumption processes.
  2. Log on to the DTS console.
  3. In the left-side navigation pane, click Change Tracking.
  4. At the top of the Change Tracking Tasks page, select the region where the change tracking instance resides.Select a region
  5. Find the target change tracking task, move the pointer over the Consumption Checkpoint column, and click the Edit icon icon.Modify the consumption checkpoint
  6. In the Modify Consumption Checkpoint dialog box that appears, specify a new consumption checkpoint.
    Note The selected time range must be within the time range of all tracked data changes. For more information, see the prompt in the dialog box.
    Modify the consumption checkpoint
  7. Click Modify.
  8. Restart the downstream SDK consumption processes.


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