Configure alarm monitoring

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017

DTS provides alarm monitoring to monitor the synchronization task status and synchronization latency. You can configure the alarm monitoring feature for synchronization tasks in any status.

This section introduces how to configure monitoring alarms for synchronization task status and latency on the DTS Console.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DTS console.

  2. On the Data synchronization page, click Monitoring alarm in More for the data synchronization instance to be configured.


  3. Click Edit under the alarm item to be modified to change the triggering condition and contact information.

    By default, the monitoring items are enabled.


  4. On the Modify monitor alarm page, enter the latency threshold value and contact phone number.


    Alarm rules: For example, synchronization latency > 10s means that only when the synchronization task latency is longer than 10s will DTS send alarm messages to the listed contact phone numbers. You can configure the latency threshold value based on the latency sensitivity of your services.

    DTS supports sending alarm messages to multiple phone contacts and you can add alarm contacts as needed.


    Monitoring rules cannot be modified when the monitoring items are in synchronization status.

    Alarm message can be sent when the synchronization task is in abnormal statuses, including: synchronization initialization failed, synchronization failed, and newly added object initialization failed.

After configuration, when the monitoring item triggers the alarm rules, DTS automatically sends alarm messages to the listed alarm contacts.

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