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Add synchronization objects

Last Updated: Dec 21, 2017

With DTS, you can modify the synchronization object during a synchronization process.


Only when the synchronization task is in the Synchronization in process or Synchronization failed status can you modify the synchronization object.

Start time

According to whether the synchronization task is subject to synchronization initialization, the synchronization start time of the newly added object is different. The details are as follows:

  • When the synchronization task is subject to synchronization initialization, the newly added object also performs synchronization initialization, and the data replication starts after the initialization.

  • When the synchronization task is not subject to synchronization initialization, the synchronization object starts to replicate the incremental data generated on the source instance from the current time point.


  1. Log on to the Alibaba Cloud DTS console.

  2. On the Data synchronization page, click More > Revise the synchronization object under the taraget instance.

  3. On the synchronization object selecting page, add the objects to be synchronized.

  4. After the modification, pre-check starts. When the pre-check passes, click Start to complete the process.

If the synchronization task performs initialization, then after the synchronization object is added, the task status changes from Synchronizing to Synchronizing (Newly added object in initialization Details). At this time, the backend restarts the synchronization task and the synchronization latency becomes -1s. When the restart finishes, the latency and synchronization speed return to normal.

In the synchronization task list, you can click Details to view the progress details of the initialization for the newly added object. When the initialization finishes, the synchronization task status returns to Synchronizing.