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Data synchronization specifications

Last Updated: Dec 20, 2017

Note: This test report only serves as a performance reference for data synchronization. It is not the criteria of the product SLA.


  • Specification

    DTS provides several levels of specification with different synchronization performance. The specification is based on the amount of synchronized records.

  • RPS

    The amount of records being synchronized per second. The records indivate SQL statements, such as begin, commit, insert, delete, update, and DDL.

Data synchronization specifications

The following specifications are defined based on the upper limit of the synchronization performance (in RPS): micro, small, medium, and large. The performance limit of each specification is as follows.

Specification Performance Limit
micro Less than 200
small 200 –1,999
medium 2,000−4,999
large 5,000−10,000

To achieve the ultimate performance of each specification, the following conditions are required:

  • The performance stress of the source instance is not less than the upper limit performance of the corresponding specification.

  • The write performance of the target instance must meet the performance stress of the corresponding specification.

  • The network latency between source instance, target instance, and DTS is no more than 2 ms.

  • No bulk update (such as using a SQL statement) is used to update millions of rows.

The RPS includes: begin, commit, DML statements (insert, delete, and update), and DDL operations.