Change history

Last Updated: Jun 12, 2017

Version Release date Content
DTS 4.5.0 2016.12.25
  • Real-time synchronization between RDS instance and AnalyticDB is supported.
DTS 4.4.15 2016.11.24
  • Online migration of Redis is supported.
DTS 4.4.0 2016.11.15
  • RAM (Resource Access Management) is supported.
DTS 4.1.11 2016.5.20
  • Online migration of PostgreSQL is supported.
DTS 4.1.1 2016.5.20
  • Online migration of SQLServer is supported.
DTS 3.0.0 2015.10.30
  • Real time synchronization between RDS instances is supported.
  • Offline migration of SQLServer is supported.
DTS 2.4.3 2015.8.11
  • Automatic creation of migration database is supported.
  • Automatic collection of the server whitelist of servers that are added to the RDS instance during migration is supported.
DTS 2.4.0 2015.7.28
  • Real-time incremental data subscription for RDS MySQL is supported.
DTS V2.3.0 2015.6.5
  • SQL Server to SQL Server schema migration and existing data migration is supported.
DTS V2.2.2 2015.5.28
  • Incremental data replication between RDS for MySQL instances is supported.
    DTS V2.2.1 2015.4.28 The following features are supported:
    • Oracle to MySQL schema migration and existing data migration.
    • MySQL to MySQL schema migration, existing data migration and incremental data replication.
    • Migration at database, table, and column granularity.
    • Object name mappings for database, table, and column.
    • Conditioned filtering.
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