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Create an instance

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2018

You can create a MongoDB instance on the MongoDB console. For more information about instance billing, see Billing items and pricing. This document introduces how to create an instance on the MongoDB console.


  • You have a registered Alibaba Cloud account.

  • To create a Pay-As-You-Go instance, confirm your account balance is equal to or higher than 100 RMB.


  1. Log on to the MongoDB console.

  2. Click Create Instance on the Replica Set Instances page to go to the instance creation page.

  3. Select Subscription or Pay-As-You-Go. For more information about instance billing, see Billing items and pricing.

  4. Set the instance configuration, the parameters are described in the following table.

    Parameter configuration area Parameter Description Remark
    Basic configuration
    • Region
    • Zone
    • Database version
    Select the instance region, zone, and database version. Currently, MongoDB 3.2 is supported. Products in different regions cannot intercommunicate through intranet, and you cannot change the instance region after purchasing the instance. Therefore, be aware when selecting the region.
    Network type
    • Classic network
    • VPC
    MongoDB supports classic networks and virtual private clouds (VPCs). The VPC needs to be created beforehand. Alternatively, you can change the network type after creating an instance. For more information, see Switch from classic network to VPC.
    • Classic network: Cloud services on the classic network are not isolated, and unauthorized access can be blocked only by the security group or whitelist policy of the cloud services.
    • VPC: VPCs help you build an isolated network environment on Alibaba Cloud. You can customize the route table, IP address range, and gateway on the VPC. You can also combine your machine room and cloud resources in the Alibaba Cloud VPC into a virtual machine room through a leased line or VPN. This allows you to smoothly migrate applications to the cloud.
    Specification configuration
    • Specifications
    • Bucket
    The CPU and memory occupied by the instance. The maximum number of connections and maximum IOPS (measured respectively for read and write, or up to double of the benchmark with mixed read/write) vary depending on specifications. N/A
    Password settings
    • Set a password
    • Account password
    • Confirm the password
    You can set the password when purchasing or after creating an instance. N/A
    Quantity bought
    • Duration
    • Quantity
    • Subscription: Set the duration and quantity of the subscription instance. The subscription duration can be one to nine months or one to three years.
    • Pay-As-You-Go: Set the quantity of Pay-As-You-Go instances with the same configuration. Use any integer from 1 to 99.
  5. Click Buy Now to go to the Confirm Order page.

  6. Read the ApsaraDB for MongoDB Terms of Service, and make the payment as prompted.

    • Subscription instance: After clicking Pay, select the billing method, such as through account balance, coupon, or Alipay.

    • Pay-As-You-Go instance: Click Activate. The instance is created.

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