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What is ApsaraDB for MongoDB

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2017

ApsaraDB for MongoDB is fully compatible with the MongoDB protocol and provides stable, reliable, and automatic scalable database services. It offers a full range of database solutions, such as disaster recovery, backup, recovery, monitoring, and alarms.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB provides the following standard features:

  • Automatically creates a three-node MongoDB replica set for users, which encapsulates advanced functions such as DR switchover and failover, and provides complete transparency.

  • Provides cluster version instances based on multiple replica sets (with each replica set having three copies), so you can easily scale the read/write performance and conveniently build a MongoDB distributed database system.

  • Supports one-click database backup and recovery, whereby users can conduct conventional database backups and database rollbacks with a single click on the console.

  • Offers more than 20 performance metrics for monitoring and alarm functions, as well visual data management tools, giving you a full view of database performance and also making O&M more convenient.

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