Last Updated: Mar 02, 2018

Superior performance

  • The cluster architecture supports ultra-high capacity and ultra-high performance. This service supports cluster functions and cluster instances of 128 GB or higher to meet large capacity and high performance requirements.

  • The master-slave dual-node architecture provides up to 64 GB instance, to meet the capacity and performance requirements of average users.

Elastic resizing

  • One-click storage resizing: You can use the console to adjust the storage capacity of your instances as needed.

  • Online resizing with no service interruption: You can adjust the instance capacity online without suspending your services or affecting your business.

Data security

  • Persistent data storage: With memory + hard disk storage, the feature provides high-speed data read/write capability and meets the data persistence requirements.

  • Master-slave dual-backup for data: All data is backed up both on master and slave nodes.

  • Password authentication: Secure and reliable access is guaranteed.

High availability

  • Dual-copy and cluster version instances have a master node and a slave node. This prevents service interruption caused by SPOF.

  • Automatic detection and recovery of hardware failure can automatically detect hardware failures and fail over to the slave node, restoring service in a matter of seconds.

  • Instance-level resource isolation provides enhanced stability for individual services.

Second-level monitoring

  • Supports real-time second-level monitoring, and minute-level historical monitoring.

  • Provides monitoring information for data structures and interfaces, allowing you to monitor access conditions at a glance. This helps you fully understand the usage of ApsaraDB for Redis.

Easy to use

  • Out-of-the-box service: This product requires no setup or installation and can be used right after purchase for quick and convenient business deployment.

  • Compatible with open-source Redis: This product is compatible with Redis commands, and any Redis client can easily establish a connection with ApsaraDB for Redis to perform data operations.

  • Visual management and monitoring panel: The console provides monitoring statistics for multiple metrics and allows you to conveniently manage Redis instances.

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