You can call this operation to view the list of files on the file server.

You can obtain your account to upload data files to the file server through this operation. After the data files are uploaded, RDS updates their status. You can also call this operation to check whether the data files are available. If they are available, you can import data and obtain the information about the import process.

Note This operation is applicable only to RDS for SQL Server instances, except for SQL Server 2017 Cluster Edition instances.

Request parameters

Parameter Type Required? Description
Action String Yes

The operation that you want to perform. Set this parameter to DescribeFilesForSQLServer.

DBInstanceId String Yes The ID of the instance.
StartTime String Yes The start time of the query. Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ, for example, 2011-06-11T15:00Z.
EndTime String Yes The end time of the query. It must be later than the query start time. Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ, for example, 2011-06-11T16:00Z.
PageSize Integer No The number of records on each page. Valid values: 30 | 50 | 100. Default value: 30.
PageNumber Integer No The page number. It must be greater than 0 and cannot exceed the maximum value of the given Integer. Default value: 1.

Response parameters

The following table describes the response parameters.

Parameter Type Description
DBInstanceId String The ID of the instance.
TotalRecordCount Integer The total number of records.
PageNumber Integer The page number.
PageRecordCount Integer The number of SQL statements on the current page.
Items List<SQLServerUploadFile> None.

The following table describes the parameters in the SQLServerUploadFile field.

Parameter Type Description
DBName String The name of the database.
FileName String The name of the data file, with the extension.
FileSize Long The size of the data file. Unit: byte.
InternetFtpServer String The file server on the public network.
InternetPort Integer The port of the file server on the public network.
IntranetFtpserver String The IP address of the file server on the internal network.
Intranetport Integer The port of the file server on the internal server.
UserName String The username used to log on to the file server.
Password String The password used to log on to the file server.
FileStatus String The status of files. Valid values:
  • Unavailable
  • Available
  • NotStarted
  • UploadFailed
  • Virus
  • Success
CreationTime String The generation time of the FTP file. Format: YYYY-MM-DD’T’HH:mm:ssZ, for example, 2011-05-30 T12:11:4Z.

Sample requests
        &<Common request parameters>

Sample responses

  • XML format

    < DescribeFilesForSQLServerResponse> 
  • JSON format

            "FileSize ":"1243435"
            "InternetFtpServer ":""
            "FileStatus": "Success "
            "CreationTime": "2014-06-11T15:02:40Z"
            "RequestId": "08A3B71B-FE08-4B03-974F-CC7EA6DB1828"