Recover a backup set to an instance

Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017


Restore the backup set to an instance by overwriting the instance. The following conditions must be met, otherwise operation will fail:

  • The instance status is Running.

  • No migration tasks exist.

  • The instance is not locked.

  • The current status of the instance backup set is Success.

Request parameters

Name Type Required? Description
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: RestoreDBInstance.
DBInstanceId String Yes Instance ID.
BackupId Integer Yes ID of the backup set.

Return parameters

Name Type Description
<Public Return Parameters> None For more information, see Public parameters.


  • Request example

    2. &BackupId=103916160
    3. &DBInstanceId=rds91e395totd54461k3
    4. &<Public Request Parameters>
  • Return example

    XML format:

    1. <RestoreDBInstanceResponse>
    2. <RequestId>37441409-FFD1-40AA-8EC5-9ECF5E2F7C29</RequestId>
    3. </RestoreDBInstanceResponse>

    JSON format:

    1. {"RequestId":"37441409-FFD1-40AA-8EC5-9ECF5E2F7C29"}
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