Deleting a database

Last Updated: May 27, 2016


Users can delete databases from instancesTo do this, the interface must meet the following conditions, or the call will fail:

  • The instance status is Running
  • The instance type is primary instance

NOTE: Users of PostgreSQL and PPAS instances are permitted to perform the DROP DATABASE operation through SQL. Therefore, this interface does not support PostgreSQL and PPAS.

Request parameters

Name Type Required? Description
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: DeleteDatabase
DBInstanceId String Yes Instance ID
DBName String Yes Name of a database

Return parameters

Name Type Description
<Public Return Parameters> - For details, refer to the Appendix


  • Request example
  2. &DBName=testdb02
  3. &DBInstanceId=riauvjz6zajfiq6ba1370329449201
  4. &<[Public Request Parameters]>
  • Return example

XML format:

  1. <DeleteDatabaseResponse>
  2. <RequestId>5A77D650-27A1-4E08-AD9E-59008EDB6927</RequestId>
  3. </DeleteDatabaseResponse>

JSON format:

  1. {
  2. "RequestId":"07F6177E-6DE4-408A-BB4F-0723301340F3"
  3. }
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