This interface only supports MySQL 5.6 and SQL Server 2008 R2:

  • MySQL 5.6 supports only TDE enabling of instances, and does not accept the value of DBName. After activating TDE, if you want to recover data to a local server, decrypted the data through RDS first.

  • Before activating TDE, you need to activate KMS. If you have not activated KMS, you can activate it according to the guidance during the TDE activation.

  • SQL Server 2008R2 supports only TDE enabling and disabling of databases. When TDE is enabled on a database, the TDE status of the related instance is changed (can only be enabled).

  • For MySQL 5.6, you can enable TDE only for instances. Therefore, the value of DBName is not accepted.

  • After TDE is enabled, it cannot be disabled. TDE also results in considerable increase in CPU usage.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: ModifyDBInstanceTDE.
DBInstanceId String Yes Instance ID.
TDEStatus String Yes
  • Enabled: TDE enabled.
  • Disabled: TDE disabled.
DBName String No Database name. Up to 50 names can be entered at a time, which are separated by commas (,).

Return parameters

Name Type Description
<Public Return Parameters> For more information, see Public parameters.