Show the detailed attributes of a specified instance.

Request parameters

Name Type Required? Description
Action String Yes Required parameter. Value: DescribeDBInstanceAttribute.
DBInstanceId String Yes Instance ID. Up to 30 IDs can be entered at a time, which are separated by commas (,).

Parameter of DBInstanceAttribute

Name Type Description
DBInstanceId String Instance ID.
PayType String
  • Postpaid: Pay-As-You-Go; 
  • Prepaid: Subscription.
Dbinstancetype String
  • Primary: primary instance; 
  • Readonly: read-only instance; 
  • Guard: disaster recovery instance;
  • Temp: temporary instance.
Category String
  • Basic: basic edition(single-node);
  • Standard: standard edition (high-available);
  • Enterprise: enterprise edition.
InstanceNetworkType String
  • Classic: classic network;
  • VPC: VPC network.
ConnectionMode String
  • Performance: standard access mode;
  • Safty: high security access mode.
RegionId String Region.
ZoneId String Zone.
ConnectionString String Connection address.
Port String Application access port.
Engine String Database type.
Engineversion String Database version.
DBInstanceClassType String Class Family.
  • s: Shared DB;
  • x: General Instance;
  • d: Dedicated Instance;
  • h: Dedicated Host..
DBInstanceClass String Instance type.
DBInstanceMemory Long Instance memory, in the unit of MB.
DBInstanceStorage Integer Instance storage space, in the unit of GB.
DBInstanceNetType String
  • Internet: public network;
  • Intranet: private network.
DBInstanceStatus String For instance status, see Instance status table.
DBInstanceDescription String Instance remarks.
LockMode String
  • Unlock: normal;
  • ManualLock: locked when manually triggered;
  • LockByExpiration: automatically locked upon expiration;
  • LockByRestoration: automatically locked before instance rollback;
  • LockByDiskQuota: automatically locked when the instance space is full.
LockReason String Reason why an instance is locked.
DBMaxQuantity Integer The maximum number of databases that can be created for an instance.
AccountMaxQuantity Integer Max number of accounts that can be created.
CreationTime String Creation time, in the format of YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ, for example, 2011-05-30T12:11:4Z.
ExpireTime String Expiration time. Pay-As-You-Go instances never expire.
MaintainTime String Instance maintenance time. For example, 00:00Z-02:00Z indicates that routine maintenance can be performed from 0:00 to 2:00.
AvailabilityValue String Instance availability status of the current year. Unit: percentage.
MaxIOPS Integer The maximum number of I/O requests, that is, IOPS.
MaxConnections Integer The maximum number of concurrent connections to an instance.
MasterInstanceId String ID of the primary instance. If this parameter is not returned (that is, if it is null), the current instance is a primary instance.
IncrementSourceDBInstanceId String Instance ID of the incremental data source. For example, a disaster recovery instance’s incremental data source is a primary instance. A read-only instance’s incremental data source is a primary instance, and a primary instance’s incremental data source is NULL.
GuardDBInstanceId String If a disaster recovery instance is attached to the current instance, the ID of the disaster recovery instance applies.
TempDBInstanceId String If a temporary instance is attached to the current instance, the ID of the temporary instance applies.
ReadOnlyDBInstanceIds List<OnlyDBInstanceId> ID list of read-only instances attached to the primary instance.
SecurityIPList String Deprecated. For more information, see DescribeDBInstanceIPArrayList interface.
AdvancedFeatures String This parameter is currently only valid for SQL Server instances. Obtain advanced properties values, and multiple values are separated by English comma (,). The return value is - LinkedServer -. DistributeTransaction


Name Type Description
<Public Return Parameters>  For more information, see Public parameters.
DBInstanceId String ID of a read-only instance.

Return parameters

Name Type Description
<Public Return Parameters> - For more information, see Public parameters.
Items List<DBInstanceAttribute> -

Request example
&<Public Request Parameters>

Return example

XML format

    <ConnectionString> </ConnectionString>
    <Value> 100.0% </value>
    <RegionId>cn-hangzhou </RegionId>
    <Paytype> postpaid </paytype>

JSON format

  "Items": {
    "DBInstanceAttribute": [
        "LockMode": "Unlock", 
        "ConnectionString": "", 
        "CreationTime": "2014-10-10T10:28:48Z", 
        "DBInstanceNetType": "Internet", 
        "ReadOnlyDBInstanceIds": {
          "ReadOnlyDBInstanceId": []
        "MaxConnections": 60, 
        "LockReason": "", 
        "Engine": "MySQL", 
        "AvailabilityValue": "100.0%", 
        "AccountMaxQuantity": 50, 
        "DBMaxQuantity": 200, 
        "RegionId": "cn-hangzhou", 
        "TempDBInstanceId": "", 
        "DBInstanceMemory": 240, 
        "MaxIOPS": 150, 
        "DBInstanceType": "Primary", 
        "DBInstanceStatus": "Running", 
        "MasterInstanceId": "", 
        "EngineVersion": "5.5", 
        "IncrementSourceDBInstanceId": "", 
        "GuardDBInstanceId": "", 
        "DBInstanceStorage": 10, 
        "DBInstanceDescription": "", 
        "DBInstanceId": "rdsfnjfqu7vjnuj", 
        "PayType": "Postpaid", 
        "ExpireTime": "", 
        "MaintainTime": "", 
        "Maid": "RDS. mys2.small ", 
        "SecurityIPList": "", 
        "Port": "3306"
        "AdvancedFeatures": "LinkedServer,DistributeTransaction"
  "RequestId": "27BB49FA-DA47-4162-B39D-FC001E35C1C1"