Download RDS data and log backup

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2017

To protect users’ rights, RDS allows users to download data backup files and log backup files that are not encrypted.

Background information

RDS is based on the master-slave instance architecture. Each instance has a unique ID. RDS performs data backup on the backup instance and log backup on the master instance and slave instance.

If you want to download data to the local device and recover the data to the local database, you must download the data file and log file under the same instance ID.

RDS supports different backup policies for different types of databases. Accordingly, downloadable data backups and log backups are also different. For more information, see Back Up RDS Data.


  1. Log on to the RDS console and select the target instance.

  2. Click Backup and Recovery in the menu.

  3. Select the Backup list tab page on the Backup and recovery page.

  4. Select the latest data backup file before the data recovery time, and click Download.

  5. Click the expected download method on the Download the instance backup file page. The download methods are described as follows:

    Note: Traffic fees are incurred when you download backup files over the Internet. For detailed charges, see RDS Price.

    • Download: The backup file is downloaded using an Internet address.

    • Copy intranet address: When ECS and RDS are in the same region, you can use an intranet address on ECS to download the backup file at a faster speed and with higher security.

    • Copy Internet address: An Internet address is copied and used to download the backup file by other tools.

  6. Select the Binlog list tab page, select the log backup file generated after the data backup time but before the recovery time, and click Download. Note that the selected log backup file must be under the same instance ID as that for the data backup file.

  7. Download the log backup file. For more information, go to Step 5.

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