Set parameters through RDS console

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2017

RDS allows you to define some instance parameters. For more information about the parameters that can be configured, see Parameter Settings on the RDS console.

Note: This document is not applicable to the instance of PostgreSQL, SQL Server 2012, and later versions .


  • Configure parameters only within the permissible value ranges shown on the parameter settings page.

  • The instance must be restarted after modifying certain parameters. See the parameter settings page to confirm if a restart is required. Before restarting, to avoid any interruption of production, you must guarantee the appropriate business arrangements.

Background information

RDS is compatible with the native database service, with similar parameter setting methods. You can configure parameters through the RDS console by referring to this example, or through APIs to run related commands.

For a description of the database parameters, click the following link to view the official documents of the different database versions.


  1. Log on to the RDS console and select the target instance.

  2. Select Parameter Settings in the instance menu.

  3. Select the parameter modification method.

    • To modify a parameter

      1. Click the icon Modify Icon following the parameter to modify. In the dialog box window, enter the target value in the field marked as 1 and click OK.

      2. Click Submit modify to confirm the setting, marked as 2 in the following figure.

        Modifying One Parameter

    • To modify multiple parameters:

      1. Click Export Parameters to export the parameter file (.txt) to your local device, marked as 1 in the following figure.

      2. Open the parameter file and batch modify the relevant parameters.

      3. Click Import Parameters, marked as 2 in the following figure.

      4. In the Import Parameters window, paste the parameters to modify and the parameter values and click OK, marked as 3 and 4 in the following figure.

      5. Confirm the parameter modification results in the parameter list and click Submit modify, marked as 5 in the following figure.

        Batch Modifying Parameters

View the modification history

You can view the modification records on the Modification History page.

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