The superuser permissions are not completely released during the use of RDS, so we recommend that you create a separate account and use the schema to manage your private data space when using the database.


  1. Create an account with the logon permission.
                newuser LOGIN PASSWORD 'password';
  2. Create a schema for the new account.
    CREATE SCHEMA newuser;GRANT newuser to myuser;ALTER SCHEMA myuser OWNER TO newuser;REVOKE newuser FROM myuser;
    If newuser is not added to the myuser role before execution of ALTER SCHEMA newuser OWNER TO newuser,  the following permission error is displayed:
    ERROR: must be member of role "newuser"
  3. Use newuser to log on to the database.
    psql -U newuser -h -p 3433 pg001
    Password for user newuser:
    psql.bin (9.4.4, server 9.4.1)
    Type "help" for help.