If a Subscription instance expires and is not renewed in time, services wil be interrupted and data will be lost. For more information, see Impact of expiration and overdue payment.
Note Pay-As-You-Go instances do not have an expiration date and do not need to be renewed.

When a Subscription instance has not expired or within 15 days after it expires, you can manually renew the instance.


  1. Log on to the RDS console.
  2. At the upper left corner, select the region where the target instance is located.
  3. Find the instance and click Renew in the Action column.
  4. Select the renewal period on the Renew page. The longer the renewal period, the higher the discount.
  5. Read the terms of service, select Product Terms of Service and Service Level Notice and Terms of Use, click Pay Now, and complete the payment.

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