RDS supports diversified storage extension through storage products, such as Memcache, Redis, and OSS.

Cache data persistence

ApsaraDB for Memcache and ApsaraDB for Redis can be used together to form a high-throughput and low-latency storage solution.

These cache products have two characteristics:

  • Fast response with a request delay of only a few milliseconds
  • Higher QPS (queries per second) than RDS

For more information, see Cached data persistence.

Multi-structure data storage

OSS is an Alibaba Cloud storage service that features massive capacity, robust security, low cost, and high reliability. RDS and OSS can work together to form multiple data storage solutions.

For example, when RDS and OSS are used in a forum, resources such as the images of registered users or those posted on the forum can be stored in OSS to reduce the storage pressure on RDS.

For more information, see Multi-structure data storage.