This service supports the offline backup, dumping, and recovery of data.


The Backup module compresses and uploads the data and logs on both the master and slave nodes.

RDS uploads this data to OSS by default, but the backup files can also be dumped to a cheaper and more persistent Archive Storage. Normally, backup is initiated on the slave node so as not to affect the performance of the master node. However, if the slave node is unavailable or damaged, the Backup module initiates backup on the master node.


The Recovery module recovers backup files stored on OSS to the target node.

  • Master node rollback: This can be used to restore a node to the state that it was in at a specific point in time.

  • Slave node repair: This can be used to automatically create a new slave node to reduce risks when an irreparable failure occurs to the slave node.

  • Read-only instance creation: This creates a read-only instance from a backup.


The Storage module uploads, dumps, and downloads backup files.

Currently, all backup data is uploaded to OSS for storage, and users can obtain temporary links to download data as needed. The Storage module also supports dumping backup files from OSS to an Archive Storage for cheaper and steady offline storage.