View the service details according to the service ID.

Request information

Request line (RequestLine)

GET /services/{service_id} HTTP/1.1

Request line parameter (URI Param)

Name  Type  Required  Description 
service_id string  Yes  The service ID in the format of {project_name}_{service_name}.

Special request header (RequestHead)


Request body (RequestBody)


Response information

Response line (ResponseLine)

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Special response header (ResponseHead)


Response body (ResponseBody)

    "id": "string",
    "name": "string",
    "project": "string",
    "description": "string",
    "created": "datetime",
    "updated": "datetime",
    "desired_state": "string",
    "current_state": "string",
    "definition": {
       "key": "value",
    "extensions": {
       "key": "value",
    "containers": {
       "key": "value",

Response body explanation

Service format

Name  Type  Description 
id string The service ID. 
name  string  The service name.
project  string The application name.
created datetime  The created time of the service.
updated datetime The updated time of the service.
desired_state string The expected status (if the current status is the intermediate status, the expected status indicates the final status of the change).
current_state string The current status.
definition map The service definition key/value in Compose.
extensions map The service extension key/value in the Container Service Compose.
containers map The container key (container ID)/value (attribute) in the service.


Request example 

GET /services/wordpress_db HTTP/1.1

Response example 

HTTP/1.1 200 Ok

  "id": "wordpress_db",
  "name": "db",
  "project": "wordpress",
  "definition": {
    "environment": [
    "image": "mysql:5.7",
    "restart": "always"
  "extensions": {
    "scale": 1,
    "logs": [
  "created": "2016-04-21T13:36:32.440646459Z",
  "updated": "2016-04-21T13:36:33.270308958Z",
  "desired_state": "running",
  "current_state": "running",
  "containers": {
    "5616f05d27516b3502a391fd2ca9d312cabffa5ad431bf261ea81f4ceabd476e": {
      "name": "/wordpress_db_1",
      "node": "",
      "ip": "",
      "running": true,
      "status": "running",
      "health": "success"