Container Service APIs are mainly divided into three parts:

  • Cluster interfaces
  • Application interfaces
  • Triggers

Cluster interfaces

Container Service provides some interfaces to manage clusters, for example, the interfaces used to create or delete clusters.

The list of cluster interfaces is as follows.

API Description
GetClusterList View all clusters.
CreateCluster Create clusters.
DeleteCluster Delete clusters.
GetClusterById View clusters.
GetClusterCerts Obtain the cluster certificate.
UpdateClusterSizeById Update the number of cluster nodes.

Application interfaces

The application interfaces are compatible with the Docker Remote API. You can operate your Docker cluster in the same way as operating a single Docker Engine.

The list of application interfaces is as follows.

API Description
List projects View the application list.
Create project Create applications.
Retrieve project View applications.
Start project Start applications.
Stop project Stop applications.
Kill project Terminate applications.
Update project Update applications.
Delete project  Delete applications.
List services View the service list.
Retrieve service View services.
Start service Start services.
Stop service Stop services.
Kill service Terminate services.
Scale service Scale services.
Create volume Create data volumes.
View volume View data volumes.
List volumes View the data volume list.
Delete volume Delete data volumes.


A trigger is an API provided by Container Service for simple, fast, and continuous deployment. For more information, see Triggers.