Upgrade Docker Daemon

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017

Standard Docker Daemon is installed on each server in the cluster for container management.

Operating procedure

  1. Log on to the Container Service console.

  2. Click Clusters in the left navigation pane.

  3. Locate the cluster whose Docker Deamon you want to update, click Upgrade in the Docker version column or click More > Upgrade Docker.


  4. If your Agent version is too old, you need to first upgrade your Agent. Click Upgrade Agent and follow the instructions.

  5. If your Agent is the latest version, upgrade Docker directly.

    You can upgrade Docker using one of the following methods:

    • Upgrade Directly

      Click Upgrade Directly to enter the Docker Engine upgrading process.

    • Back up Snapshot before Upgrade

      It is recommended that you back up the snapshot before upgrading Docker, so that you can recover Docker if a fault occurs during the upgrade process.

      Click Back up Snapshot before Upgrade, and then the system will call the ECS OpenApI to take snapshots of the nodes in the cluster.

      Taking snapshots may take some time. After all snapshots are taken, the system enters the Docker Engine upgrading process automatically.

      If the system fails to take the snapshot, the Continue and Quit buttons become available. You can click Continue to enter the Docker Engine upgrading process, or click Quit to give up the upgrade.

At this point, return to the Cluster list page and you can see that the cluster operated just now is in the Docker-Engine is upgrading status. This may take a while as container data will be backed up during the upgrade of the Docker Engine.

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