Release notes

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017


[New function] Support for upgrade to Docker Registry 2.6.0.

  • The Container Service supports for the latest Docker Registry 2.6.0, which provides optimized stability and performance.
  • It is recommended that you upgrade Docker to 1.12.6. For details about Docker upgrade, refer to Upgrade Docker.

[New function] The operation logs function is released.

  • You can view operations history in the operation logs to locate and analyze problems.
  • Operations: Log on to the Container Service console> click Operation logs in the left navigation pane.

[New region] The Japan region is launched.

  • This data center is located in Tokyo.


[New function] Support for upgrade to Docker 1.12.5.

  • The Container Service supports the latest Docker 1.12.5. This version provides higher stability and optimized network performance.
  • For details about Docker upgrade, refer to Upgrade Docker.

[New function] The Hong Kong region is launched.

  • You can submit a ticket to apply for this region.

[New function] Support for Compose V2 file format.

  • Visualization resolution and verification is supported.

[New function] Support for logging function upgrade.

  • The logging function supports distinguishing hostname for easier problem location.
  • ilogtail is upgraded to 0.11.6. For details about system services upgrade, refer to Upgrade system services.

[New function] Support for disabling the system services when users create clusters.

  • The system services include routing service acslogging, log service acsrouting, monitor service acsmonitoring and volume service acsvolumedriver.


[New function] Support for configuration management.

[Function optimization] Support for Compose 1.9 and Registry 2.5.1.


[New function] Support for upgrade to Docker 1.12.

  • The Container Service supports the latest Docker 1.12.3. The latest version provides better stability and optimized network performance.
  • For details about Docker upgrade, refer to Upgrade Docker Daemon.

[New function] The international site was launched.


[New region] The Shanghai and US west regions are launched.

  • The Container Service launches on its first overseas node (US West). Performance is optimized when this region is used together with the oversea building service.

[New function] Support for node auto scaling.

  • For scenarios that trigger high traffic, the Container Service supports node-level scaling for elastic response to traffic.
  • For more details, refer to Node auto scaling.

[New function] Support for timing task.

  • The Container Service supports timing task definition by using Docker Compose.
  • For more details, refer to Timing task.

[New function] Integration with Cloud Monitor.

  • In addition to the Container Service Management Console, you can also use the Cloud Monitor Management Console to view the monitoring information of the clusters, nodes, and containers.
  • For more details, refer to Container monitoring service.

[New function] Support for automatic container migration when clearing/resetting the node.

  • When deprecating or resetting a cloud server, you can first migrate the container of this server to another server to ensure smooth online business.
  • For more details, refer to Node management.


[New region] The Hangzhou finance cloud launches.

[New function] Application scheduling based on offline computing is supported.

[New function] Container auto scaling is supported.

[New function] Virtual network operators is supported.


[New region] The Qingdao region is added.

[New function] Custom routing is supported.

[New function] Application blue-green release is supported.


[New function] Upgrade to version 1.11 and cluster management are supported.

[Function optimization] Creation procedures is simplified and creation procedures of clusters with no node is supported.

[New function] Server Load Balancer binding function and cluster root domain name settings are supported.

[New function] OpenAPIs for image management is supported.

[New function] Triggers for resource scaling are supported.

[New function] Dynamic service adjustment and container resource restriction are supported.

2016-05-05 The Container Service is commercially available.

[New function] Upgrade to version 1.10 and cluster management are supported.

[Function optimization] System service upgrading is supported.

[New function] Unified classic network and VPC network models are provided, and mutual access with domain names defined by container name or hostname is supported.

[New function] Automatic log collection and logging service integration are supported.

[New function] Monitoring at the container and VM levels is supported.

[New function] Cross-zone reschedule of highly available or abnormal nodes is supported.

[New function] Forwarding of Layer-4 and Layer-7 requests and binding to backend containers are supported.

[New function] Subaccount authorization management at the cluster level is supported.


[New function] Ubuntu kernel upgrade is supported.

[New function] Reconfiguration and removal of nodes are supported.

[New function] Container deletion is supported.

[New function] Creation and redeployment of the trigger APIs are supported.

[New function] Volume management is added, and OSSFS is supported.

[New function] Custom Server Load Balancer is supported.

[New function] RAM authorization upgrading is supported.


[New function] Adding existing ECS instances to a cluster through scripts is supported.

[New function] Cluster name editing is supported.

[New function] Cluster status aggregation and automatic refreshing of list data are supported.

[New function] Two container monitoring dimensions are added.

[New function] Commands for forcible stop of applications and services are provided.

[New function] Routing for enabling/disabling system applications is supported.

[New function] The return of RAM subaccount activation prompt when a cluster is created is supported.


[New function] The Shenzhen region is added.

[New function] CentOS is supported.

[New function] The display of Docker labels of server nodes is supported.

[New function] Customization of the types of system disks and data disks is supported.

[Function optimization] EIP is optional.

[New function] Adding existing ECS instances to a cluster through image reconfiguration is supported.

[New function] Pulling the latest images when deploying images of the same tag is supported.

[New function] Setting the Container memory limit is supported.

[New function] The configuration of parameters of the Compose template is supported.

[Function optimization] Ability to delete scroll when an application or service is deleted is supported.


The beta product version is commercially available.

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