Ease to use

  • Supports creating container clusters with one click.
  • One-stop application lifecycle management based on containers.
  • Integrates with the Alibaba Cloud abilities of virtualization, storage, network, and security.
  • Supports graphical user interfaces and APIs.

Secure and controllable

  • In Alibaba Cloud Container Service, your containers are running on your own Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances and are not shared with others. Therefore, isolation issues between containers do not exist.
  • In terms of network, you can use a security group to define the access policies of ECS instances and containers in a container cluster, allowing or rejecting addresses of some sources to access the containers.
  • Mutual certificate verification is used by the management APIs of container clusters, avoiding the interface from being accessed by illegal users.
  • Special solutions for container security, such as neuvector, can be easily integrated with Alibaba Cloud Container Service to provide higher level of security protection.

Protocol compatibility

  • Supports both swarm and Kubernetes.
  • The first batch to pass the conformance authentication of Kubernetes in the world.
  • Supports migrating applications to cloud platforms seamlessly and managing hybrid cloud.

Efficient and reliable

  • Supports starting massive containers in seconds.
  • Supports exception recovery and automatic scaling of containers.
  • Supports scheduling containers across zones.