What is Container Service

Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017

Alibaba Cloud Container Service is a high-performance and scalable container management service which enables you to run distributed Docker-containerized applications on a managed cluster of Alibaba Cloud ECS instances. Being a fully-managed service, Alibaba Cloud Container Service helps you to focus on your applications rather than on managing container infrastructure. It can also be integrated with Server Load Balancer, VPC, and other cloud services, allowing you to manage container provisioning from the console or through simple APIs.


Effortless cluster management

  • Allows you to create or delete a cluster in a region based on your needs.
  • Allows you to select either classic network or a specific VPC environment.

Multiple server hosting modes

  • Allows you to dynamically scale ECS instances in a specified cluster.
  • Allows you to register an existing ECS instance to a specified cluster.

One-stop container lifecycle management

  • Network: Supports intercommunication between containers across different hosts with domain names defined by container name or hostname.
  • Storage: Supports volume management. OSSFS is supported.
  • Log: Supports automatic log collection.
  • Monitoring: Facilitates monitoring of Docker containers and VM.
  • Scheduling: Supports cross-zone scheduling of highly available nodes and automatic rescheduling of failed nodes.
  • Routing: Supports forwarding of Layer-4 and Layer-7 requests and their binding to backend containers.
  • Sub-account: Provides authorization management for clusters.

Docker compatibility

  • Compatible with standard Docker API.
  • Compatible with Docker Swarm 1.2.6.
  • Compatible with Docker Engine CE 17.03.1.
  • Supports Docker Compose V1/V2/V3.


  • Closely integrates with VPC or existing software delivery process.
  • Enhances Docker Compose templates with labels.
  • Integrates with the Server Load Balancer service to ensure load balancing of containers.

Flexible scheduling policies

  • Simplifies application delivery from development to production.
  • Supports service affinity and automatic scaling.
  • Supports high availability and auto-recovery across zones.
  • Offers open APIs for cluster and application management, which can be easily integrated with CI/CD systems on either on-premises or off-premises.
  • Supports multiple application delivery models, including rolling update and blue-green release, to ensure that the application remains up-to-date without any risks.
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