This operation queries scaling configuration information.


You can query all scaling configurations in a scaling group by specifying the scaling group ID.

Scaling configuration states (LifecycleState) can be set to either of the following:

  • Active: Scaling groups use scaling configurations in the active status to automatically create ECS instances.
  • Inactive: The scaling configuration is inactive in a scaling group. The scaling group will not use scaling configurations in inactive state to automatically create ECS instances.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes Operation interface, required. The parameter value is DescribeScalingConfigurations.
RegionId String Yes Region ID of the scaling group of a scaling configuration.
ScalingGroupId String No Scaling group ID.
Scalingconfigurationid. N String No ID of a scaling configuration. A maximum of 10 values can be entered. IDs of active and inactive scaling configurations are displayed in the query result, and can be differentiated by LifecycleState.
ScalingConfigurationName.N String No Name of a scaling configuration. A maximum of 10 values can be entered. Invalid scaling configuration names are neglected in the query result and no error is reported.
PageNumber Integer No Page number of the scaling configuration list. The initial value and default value are both 1.
PageSize Integer No When querying by page, this parameter indicates the number of lines per page. Maximum value: 50; default value: 10.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
TotalCount Integer Total number of scaling configurations
PageNumber Integer Current page number
PageSize Integer Number of lines per page
ScalingConfigurations ScalingConfigurationSetType Scaling configuration information set

ScalingConfigurationSetType is a set of ScalingConfigurationItemTypes.

Name Type Description
ScalingConfiguration ScalingConfigurationItemType Scaling configuration information

Attributes of the ScalingConfigurationItemType are listed as follows.

Name Type Description
ScalingConfigurationId String ID of a scaling configuration
ScalingConfigurationName String Name shown for a scaling configuration
ScalingGroupId String ID of the scaling group of a scaling configuration
ImageId String ID of an image file
InstanceType String Resource rule of an instance
SecurityGroupId String ID of a security group
InternetChargeType String Network billing type
InternetMaxBandwidthIn Integer Maximum incoming bandwidth from the public network, measured in Mbps (Mega bit per second)
InternetMaxBandwidthOut Integer Maximum outgoing bandwidth from the public network, measured in Mbps (Mega bit per second)
SystemDisk.Category String Category of the system disk
DataDisks DataDiskSetType Data disk information set
LifecycleState String Scaling configuration status in a scaling group
CreationTime String Time when a scaling configuration is created

DataDiskSetType is a set of DataDiskItemTypes.

Name Type Description
DataDisk DataDiskItemType Data disk information

Attributes of the DataDiskItemType are listed as follows.

Name Type Description
Size Integer Disk capacity
Category String Disk category
SnapshotId String ID of the snapshot used for creating the data disk
Device String Data disk attaching point

Request example
&<Public Request Parameters>

Response example

XML format:


JSON format:

    "RequestId": "67E4324F-CE14-4C2C-9D60-5422641DB76F",
    "TotalCount": 1,
    "PageNumber": 1,
    "PageSize": 1,
    "ScalingConfigurations": {
    "ScalingConfiguration": [
        "ScalingConfigurationId": "eqkz17cfW3clcPExOtLNVlD",
        "SecurityGroupId": "sg-28oewzxvg",
        "CreationTime": "2014-08-18T21:07Z",
        "SystemDiskCategory": "cloud",
        "InternetMaxBandwidthIn": 200,
        "InternetMaxBandwidthOut": 0,
        "LifecycleState": "Inactive",
        "InternetChargeType": "PayByBandwidth",
        "ImageId": "rhel5u7_64_20G_aliaegis_20131231.vhd",
        "InstanceType": "ecs.s2.small",
        "ScalingConfigurationName": "LxVdcOqPBV",
        "ScalingGroupId": "dRsEAGdvbjR5c4SVc2bqLubj",
                “Category”: cloud,
                “SnapshotId”: s-280s7ngih,
                “Device”:” /dev/xvdb”

Error code

For common errors, see client errors or server errors.