This topic describes how to view, modify, and delete alarm tasks.

View the metric details

After successfully creating an alarm task, you can see the alarm task in the alarm task list.

  1. Log on to the Auto Scaling console.
  2. Select System Monitoring to view the system monitoring alarm tasks you created.
  3. Select Custom Monitoring to view the custom alarm tasks you created.
  4. Click the name of the alarm task to go to the details page, on which you can view the data of the corresponding metrics of the alarm tasks.

Modify alarm tasks

You can modify the alarm tasks on the alarm task list page, and you can also go to the details page of the alarm task to modify the alarm rules.

Modifying an alarm task is divided into two parts: modifying the basic information of the alarm task and modifying the trigger rule for the alarm rule.

Modifying basic information includes modifying the task name, metrics, statistical period, statistical method, times of repetition, and so on. We recommend that you do not modify the metrics of the alarm task, because modifying it means monitoring different indexes. At this time, creating a new alarm task for a new index is a better way.

Delete alarm tasks

You can delete an alarm task in the Actions column on the Alarm Tasks page.