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Create a scheduled task

Last Updated: Mar 29, 2017

You can create up to 20 scheduled tasks according to input parameters.

If a scheduled task fails to trigger the execution of a scaling rule because the scaling group is executing a scaling activity or the scaling group is disabled, the scheduled task is automatically retried within the Launch Expiration Time. After the Launch Expiration Time expires, the scheduled task is abandoned.

If multiple tasks are scheduled at similar times to execute the scaling rule of a scaling group, the earliest task triggers the scaling activity first. Other tasks will attempt to execute the rule within their Launch Expiration Time, but a scaling group executes only one scaling activity at a time. If another scheduled task is still triggering attempts within its Launch Expiration Time after the scaling activity is finished, the scaling rule is executed and the corresponding scaling activity is triggered.

If multiple tasks are scheduled at the same time, the latest scheduled task is executed.


  1. Click Scheduled task under Auto-trigger task management to display the Scheduled Task page.


  2. Click Create scheduled task to display the Create Scheduled task dialog box.

  3. Enter the task name.

  4. Enter the execution time. If recurrence is not set, the task is executed once on the designated date and time. Otherwise, this task is executed periodically at the specified time.

  5. Enter the recurrence.

  6. Select a scaling group and scaling rule to be triggered by the scheduled task.

  7. Click Submit. The scheduled task is displayed on the Scheduled Task page.

    schedule task

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