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Create a scaling configuration

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Auto Scaling automatically adds ECS instances into Auto Scaling groups according to the conditions you set when demands for your instances increase. In Create Scaling Configuration, you can specify the options of the ECS instances listed.Use Scaling Configuration


  • You cannot modify a scaling configuration once it is created. You can replace it with a new configuration if needed, you must update it with the new scaling configuration.
  • ECS instances created by the replaced scaling configuration work as usual.
  • You can create up to 10 scaling configurations for one Auto Scaling group, and only one scaling configuration can be at the Activated status. You can use certain scaling configuration according to your needs.

Create a scaling configuration by using the console

  1. Log on to the Auto Scaling console.

  2. Select a Scaling Group.

  3. On the navigation pane, select Scaling Configuration, then click Create Scaling Configuration.

    select group

  4. On the Create Scaling Configuration page, enter a name for this scaling configuration.

  5. Select an option for each of the listed parameters on the page.


  • For Image Type, if you want functions like the automatic start of your Web server, or the automatic download of code and scripts, select Custom Image.
  • If you want to include CloudMonitor triggered alarms in your overall solutions of Auto Scaling, You can install CloudMonitor Agent on the ECS instance.
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