Create a scaling configuration

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2017

To create scaling configuration, specify the ECS instances attributes for Auto Scaling, such as Image ID and Instance Type. For requests, the ScalingGroupId returned in Step 1 must be specified.

Request example

  2. &ScalingGroupId=dP8VqSd9ENXPc0ciVmbcrBT1
  3. &SecurityGroupId=sg-280ih3w4b
  4. &ImageId=centos6u5_64_20G_aliaegis_20140703.vhd
  5. &InstanceType=ecs.t1.xsmall
  6. &<Public Request Parameters>

Return example

  1. <CreateScalingConfigurationResponse>
  2. <ScalingConfigurationId>eOs27Kb0oXvQcUYjEGelJqUy</ScalingConfigurationId>
  3. <RequestId>5CC0AD41-08ED-4559-A683-6F56355FE068</RequestId>
  4. </CreateScalingConfigurationResponse>
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