Create a scaling group

Last Updated: Apr 07, 2017

In the CreateScalingGroup operation, configure the minimum value (MinSize) and maximum value (MaxSize) of scaling resources and associate the necessary Server Load Balancer and RDS instances.

Request example

  2. &RegionId=cn-qingdao
  3. &MaxSize=20
  4. &MinSize=2
  5. &LoadBalancerId=147b46d767c-cn-qingdao-cm5-a01
  6. &DBInstanceId.1=rdszzzyyunybaeu
  7. &DBInstanceId.2=rdsia3u3yia3u3y
  8. &<Public Request Parameters>

Return example

  1. <CreateScalingGroupResponse>
  2. <ScalingGroupId>dP8VqSd9ENXPc0ciVmbcrBT1</ScalingGroupId>
  3. <RequestId>536E9CAD-DB30-4647-AC87-AA5CC38C5382</RequestId>
  4. </CreateScalingGroupResponse>
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