Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017

Product functions

Alibaba Cloud Auto Scaling provides the following functions:

  • Scales up ECS instances horizontally according to your business needs by automatically adding or removing ECS instances.

  • Supports Sever Load Balancer configuration. When ECS instances are added or removed, Auto Scaling also adds or removes corresponding ECS instances from Sever Load Balancer instances.

  • Supports the RDS access whitelist. When ECS instances are added or removed, Auto Scaling will also add or remove their IP addresses from the RDS access whitelist.

Product features

  • On demand: Allocates resources to where they are needed, removing a user’s need to predict demand and minimizing the impact of traffic bursts.

  • Automated: Automatically creates and releases ECS instances based on templates. Configures access whitelists for the Server Load Balancer and RDS services.

  • Rich: Allows configuration of multiple scaling modes simultaneously, such as timing, dynamic, custom, fixed, and healthy modes. External monitoring systems can be accessed through APIs.

  • Smart: Suits various complicated scenarios through smart scheduling.

Application scenarios

  • Video production and hosting: Auto Scaling allows video companies to automatically scale their resources to handle rising demands for popular events and programs.

  • Video streaming: Companies that cannot predict their business loads can use Auto Scaling to automatically scale their resources based on CPU usage, loads, or bandwidth usage.

  • Gaming: Auto Scaling can regularly scale up the system at pre-defined intervals. For example, scaling can be started at 12:00 AM and again from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM, in order to effectively manage peak traffic intervals.

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