API behavior when an instance is locked for security reasons

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017

Note that, disk-related activities in the In_use status reference the instance OperationLocks. Otherwise, the instance OperationLocks may be ignored.

When a security lock is indicated, the OperationLocks in the outgoing parameters returned by the DescribeInstanceAttribute will include LockReason: security.

Interface Activity
AllocatePublicIpAddress Error
AttachDisk Error
AuthorizeSecurityGroup Normal logic
CreateDisk Normal logic
CreateImage Normal logic
CreateInstance -
CreateSecurityGroup Normal logic
CreateSnapshot Error (Only for disks attached on this instance in the In_use status)
DeleteDisk Normal logic
DeleteImage Normal logic
DeleteInstance Normal logic
DeleteSecurityGroup Normal logic
DeleteSnapshot Normal logic
DescribeAutoSnapshotPolicy Normal logic
DescribeDisks Normal logic
DescribeImages Normal logic
DescribeInstanceAttribute Normal logic
DescribeInstanceStatus Normal logic
DescribeInstanceTypes Normal Logic
DescribeInstanceMonitorData Normal logic
DescribeRegions Normal logic
DescribeSecurityGroupAttribute Normal logic
DescribeSecurityGroups Normal logic
DescribeSnapshotAttribute Normal logic
DescribeSnapshots Normal logic
DescribeZones Normal logic
DetachDisk Error
JoinSecurityGroup Error
LeaveSecurityGroup Error
ModifyAutoSnapshotPolicy Normal logic
ModifyDiskAttribute Normal logic
ModifyInstanceAttribute Error
RebootInstance Error
ReInitDisk Error (In_use), Normal Logic (another status)
ReplaceSystemDisk Normal logic
ResetDisk Error
RevokeSecurityGroup Normal logic
StartInstance Error
StopInstance Error
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