Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017


The InstanceAttributesType presents the ECS instance attributes.

Node name

Varies depending on the interface.


Name Type Description
InstanceId String ID of the instance.
InstanceName String Display name of the instance.
Description String Description of the instance.
ImageId String ID of the image.
RegionId String ID of the region where the instance belongs.
ZoneId String ID of the zone where the instance belongs.
InstanceType String Type of instance.
HostName String Host name of the instance.
Status String Status of the instance.
SecurityGroupIds SecurityGroupIdSetType A set of security groups where the instance belongs.
PublicIpAddress IpAddressSetType Public IP address of the instance. Refer to IpAddressSetType.
InternetMaxBandwidthIn Integer Maximum incoming bandwidth from the public network.
InternetMaxBandwidthOut Integer Maximum outgoing bandwidth to the public network.
InternetChargeType String Internet charge type, available options:
  • PayByTraffic: Pay by traffic.
  • PayByBandwidth: Pay by bandwidth.
For a prepaid instance, the value is PayByBandwidth.
CreationTime String Time of creation. The value is represented according to ISO8601. UTC time is used.
Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ
VpcAttributes VpcAttributesType VpcAttributesType.
EipAddress EipAddressAssociateType EipAddressAssociateType.
InstanceNetworkType String Network type of the instance, which can be Classic or VPC.
OperationLocks OperationLocksType Lock list.
InstanceTypeFamily String The instance type family.
KeyPairName String Name of the key pair.
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