Lists the ECS instance attributes.


Depends on the interface.


Name Type Description
InstanceId String Instance ID.
InstanceName String Instance name.
Description String Instance description.
ImageId String ID of the image that is running in the instance.
RegionId String ID of the region where the instance belongs.
ZoneId String Zone ID of the zone where the ENS instance is located.
Cpu  Integer Number of vCPU.
Memory Integer Memory size in MB.
InstanceType String Instance type.
InstanceTypeFamily String Instance type family
HostName String Instance host name.
SerialNumber String Instance serial number.
Status String Instance status.
SecurityGroupIds SecurityGroupIdSetType Security groups that manage the specified instance.
PublicIpAddress IpAddressSetType Public IP address of the instance.
InternetMaxBandwidthIn Integer Maximum incoming bandwidth from the internet network.
InternetMaxBandwidthOut Integer Maximum outgoing bandwidth to the internet network.
InternetChargeType String The billing method of the network bandwidth. Possible values:
  • PayByTraffic: You are billed based on the traffic.
CreationTime String Instance creation time. The value is represented according to ISO8601, The format is YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ.
InstanceNetworkType String Network type of the instance. Possible values:
  • Classic
  • Vpc
VpcAttributes  VpcAttributesType VPC related attributes of an ECS instance.
EipAddress EipAddressAssociateType EIP binding information.
InnerIpAddress IpAddressSetType Intranet IP address.
OperationLocks OperationLocksType Reason why an instance is locked.
InstanceChargeType  String Instance billing method. Possible values:
  • PrePaid: Subscription.
  • PostPaid: Pay-As-You-Go.
SpotStrategy String The spot price you are willing to accept for preemptible instances. Possible values:
  • NoSpot: A normal Pay-As-You-Go instance.
  • SpotWithPriceLimit: Sets the maximum price for a spot instance.
  • SpotAsPriceGo: A price that is based on the highest Pay-As-You-Go instance.
Default value: NoSpot.
DeviceAvailable Boolean Whether a new disk can attach to the instance or not.
StoppedMode String Whether a VPC-Connected ECS instance is charged after it is stopped or not. Possible values:
  • KeepCharging: You are billed after the ECS instance is stopped, and its resource and Internet IP address are reserved.
  • StopCharging: You are not billed after the ECS instance is stopped, and its resource and Internet IP address are not reserved. You may be unable to restart the instance.
  • Not-applicable: The instance is not applicable for using the StoppedMode parameter.
DeploymentSetId String Deployment set ID.
NetworkInterfaces NetworkInterfaceType The ENI related information.
IoOptimized Boolean  Whether an instance is I/O optimized or not.
ExpiredTime String Time of expiration. The value is represented according to ISO8601 and UTC time is used. It is in the YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ format.
KeyPairName String SSH key pair name.