Type of an automatic snapshot policy, including its detailed settings.

Node Name

Depends on the interface.


Name Type Description
AutoSnapshotPolicyId String Automatic snapshot policy ID.
RegionId String Regionid to which the auto-Snapshot policy belongs.
Autosnapshotpolicyname String The name of the automatic snapshot policy.
TimePoints String Specifies the point in time at which the automatic snapshot is created. The minimum unit is hours, from 00: 00 ~ 23:00. A total of 24 time points are available, and the parameters are 0 ~ 23. For example: 1 represents 01:00. You can select multiple time points. The pass-through parameter is a JSON array in a format of ["0", "1 ",... "23"] (at most 24 time points) separated by half-angle commas (,).
Repeatweekdays String Specifies the repeat date for the automatic snapshot. The date on which the snapshot needs to be created from Monday to Sunday, with a parameter of 1 ~ 7. For example: 1 indicates Monday. You can select multiple dates. The pass-through parameter is a JSON array in a format of ["1", "2 "... "7" ].
RetentionDays Integer Specifies the retention time, in days, of the automatic snapshot. -1: Permanent save 1 ~ 65536: specify the number of days to save.
DiskNums Integer Number of disks on which this policy is enabled.
OperationLocks OperationLocksType Snapshot lock reason type.
Status String Automatic snapshot policy status, value: Creating | available.
CreationTime String Creation time, formatted according to the ISO8601 standard, and uses UTC time. Format: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmZ.