Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018


Type of an instance type item.




Name Type Description
InstanceTypeId String ID of the instance type.
CpuCoreCount Integer Number of CPU cores.
MemorySize Double Size of memory, measured in GB.
InstanceTypeFamily String The instance type family.
GPUAmount Integer The amount of GPU of an instance type.
GPUSpec String The category of GPU of an instance type.
InitialCredit Integer The initial GPU credit of a t5 instance.
BaselineCredit Integer The compute performance benchmark of a t5 instance.
EniQuantity Integer The maximum number of network interface that an instance type can be attached to.
LocalStorageCapacity Long The capacity of a local storage.
LocalStorageAmount Integer The number of local storages that an instance has been attached to.
LocalStorageCategory String The category of local storage that an instance has been attached to.
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