Last Updated: Dec 12, 2017


This operation allows you to list users where a custom image is shared. It also supports querying by page. By default, ten results are displayed per page.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes Value: DescribeImageSharePermission.
RegionId String Yes Indicates the RegionID of the image.
ImageId String No Indicates the ID of an image.
PageNumber Integer No Refers to the page number of the list. The start value is 1; the default value is 1.
PageSize Integer No Sets the number of lines per page for queries per page. The maximum value is 50; the default value is 10.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
ImageId String Indicates the ID of the image.
RegionId String Indicates the region ID of the image.
ShareGroups ShareGroupType Indicates the type of the shared group.
Accounts AccountType Indicates the type of the Alibaba Cloud account.
TotalCount Integer Refers to the total number of records.
PageNumber Integer Refers to the page number.
PageSize Integer Indicates the maximum number of lines per page. The default value is 10; the maximum value is 50.

Error codes

Error code Error message HTTP status code Meaning
InvalidRegionId.NotFound The source region not found. 404 The specified regionId does not exist.
InvalidImageId.NotFound The specified ImageId does not exist. 404 The specified ImageId does not exist.
IncorrectImageStatus The image has completed copy. 400 The specified image has been replicated. The cancellation failed.
IncorrectImageStatus The image is not from copied. 400 The specified image is not created by means of replication. The cancellation failed.


Request example

  2. &RegionId=cn-qingdao
  3. &ImageId=m-282dzntc7
  4. &<Common Request Parameters>

Response example

XML format

  1. <DescribeImageSharePermissionResponse>
  2. <ImageId>m-282dzntc7</ImageId>
  3. <PageNumber>1</PageNumber>
  4. <PageSize>10</PageSize>
  5. <RegionId>cn-qingdao</RegionId>
  6. <TotalCount>1</TotalCount>
  7. <RequestId>441CF898-42FF-47CF-9348-3C3BFF557278</RequestId>
  8. <ShareGroups>
  9. <ShareGroup>
  10. <Group>all</Group>
  11. </ShareGroup>
  12. </ShareGroups>
  13. <Accounts>
  14. <Account>
  15. <AliyunId>1886508529898586</AliyunId>
  16. </Account>
  17. </Accounts>
  18. </DescribeImageSharePermissionResponse>

JSON format

  1. {
  2. "ShareGroups": {
  3. "ShareGroup": [
  4. {
  5. "Group": "all"
  6. }
  7. ]
  8. },
  9. "Accounts": {
  10. "Account": [
  11. {
  12. "AliyunId": "1886508529898586"
  13. }
  14. ]
  15. },
  16. "ImageId": "m-282dzntc7",
  17. "PageNumber": 1,
  18. "PageSize": 10,
  19. "RegionId": "cn-qingdao",
  20. "TotalCount": 1,
  21. "RequestId": "9AD96F49-0BE5-4868-A66A-224352549CEC"
  22. }
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