Queries your available images.


When you call this interface, consider the following:

  • The displayed image resource list contains your custom images, official images provided by Alibaba Cloud, available images from the marketplace, and shared images from the other Alibaba Cloud users.

  • You can query images by pages. The result consists of the total number of available image resources and all the image resources on the current page. By default, 10 images are displayed on one page.

Request parameters

Name Type Required Description
Action String Yes The name of this interface. Value: DescribeImages.
RegionId String Yes ID of the region to which an instance belongs. For more information, call DescribeRegions to obtain the latest region list.
ImageId String No The image ID. You can specify multiple image IDs and separate these IDs with commas (,).
Status String No The image status. Optional values:
  • Creating: The image is being created.
  • Available: Available images.
  • UnAvailable: Unavailable images.
  • CreateFailed: Failed images.
Default value: Available supports obtaining multiple values. These values are separated with commas (,) .
SnapshotId String No The ID of the snapshot used to create the image.
ImageName String No The name of the image.
ImageOwnerAlias String No The alias of the image owner. Optional value:
  • system: Public images provided by Alibaba Cloud.
  • self: Your custom images.
  • others: Your images that are shared from other Alibaba Cloud users.
  • marketplace: Images provided by marketplace vendorsmarketplace vendors. You need to pay attention to the charging details of the cloud market image.
Default value: null. Null indicates that results of system, self and others are returned.
Usage String No Queries whether the specified image is running on ECS instance or not. Optional values:
  • instance: The image is running in an ECS instance.
  • none: The image is not in use.
Tag.n.Key String No The key of a tag of which n is from 1 to 20. Once you use this parameter, it cannot be a null string. It can be up to 64 characters in length. It cannot begin with "aliyun", "acs:", "http://", or "https://".
Tag.n.Value String No The value of a tag of which n is a number from 1 to 20. Once you use this parameter, it can be a null string. It can be up to 128 characters in length. It cannot begin with "aliyun", "acs:", "http://", or "https://".
PageSize Integer No Sets the number of lines per page for queries per page. Maximum value: 100.

Default value: 10.

PageNumber Integer No The current page of the of image list.

Default value: 1.

DryRun Boolean No Whether the system performs a permission check only.
  • true: Sends a permission check request, without performing actual API action. An enabled DryRun checks whether your AccessKey is valid, the authorization status of a RAM user, and whether the required parameters are set. If you do not have the required permissions, a related error response is returned. Otherwise, it is DryRunOperation.
  • False: Sends a normal request, returns the 2XX HTTP status code after the check and queries the resource status directly.

Default value: false.

Response parameters

Name Type Description
RegionId String The region ID of the image.
TotalCount Integer The number of items on the list.
PageNumber Integer The current page.
PageSize Integer The number of items on the current page.
Images Array A collection composed of image information ImageType.


Request example
&<Common Request Parameters>
Response example

XML format

            <OSName>SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 64位</OSName>
JSON format
  "Images": {
    "Image": [
        "Architecture": "x86_64",
        "CreationTime": "2015-05-06T09:01:32Z",
        "DiskDeviceMappings": {
          "DiskDeviceMapping": [
              "Device": "/dev/xvda",
              "Size": "20"
        "ImageId": "suse11sp3_64_20G_aliaegis_20150428.vhd",
        "ImageName": "suse11sp3_64_20G_aliaegis_20150428.vhd",
        "ImageOwnerAlias": "system",
        "ImageVersion": "1",
        "IsCopied": false,
        "IsSubscribed": false,
        "OSName": "SUSE Linux  Enterprise Server 11 SP3 64位",
        "OSType": "linux",
        "Platform": "SUSE",
        "Progress": "100%",
        "Size": 20,
        "Status": "Available",
        "Usage": "instance"
  "PageNumber": 1,
  "PageSize": 1,
  "RegionId": "cn-hangzhou",
  "RequestId": "49CBCED4-C9B9-4851-BEB5-8FB5E5169E30",
  "TotalCount": 24

Error codes

Error codes specific to this interface are as follows. For more information, see API Error Center.

Error code Error message  HTTP status code  Meaning
Invalidimageowneralias. valuenotsupported The specified ImageOwnerAlias value is not supported. 400 Invalid ImageOwnerAlias value.
Invalidtag. Mismatch The specified Tag.n.Key and Tag.n.Value are not match. 400 The key (Tag.n.Key) and value (Tag.n.Value) of the tag must be key-value matched.
InvalidTagCount The specified tags are beyond the permitted range. 400 You can specify a maximum of five tags.
InvalidUsage The specifed Usage is not valid 404 The specified Usage parameter is invalid.