Last Updated: Jun 05, 2017

The ECS instance you created is your own resource. By default, you have full operation permissions on your resources, and can use all APIs described in this document to perform operations on your resources.

However, in scenarios where a master account has a subaccount, you cannot use an unauthorized subaccount to perform operations on resources of the master account. You need to grant the permission to the subaccount to perform operations on resources of the master account through RAM authorization.

Make sure that you have read the RAM product documentation and API documentation carefully before learning how to use RAM to authorize access to ECS instances.

Skip this section if you do not need to grant an account the permission to access ECS instance resources in another account. Skipping this section does not affect your understanding and use of the remaining parts in this document.

  1. Actions in RAM that can be authorized to ECS resources
  2. ECS API authentication rules for access to master account resources by subaccounts
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