Cloud Governance Center integrates the multi-account management capabilities of resource directories and allows you to create a multi-account resource structure for your enterprise with ease.

Resource structure initialization

When you use Cloud Governance Center for the first time, you must initialize a resource structure. Cloud Governance Center checks your Alibaba Cloud account and resource directory usage, and then provides a matched process that guides you to initialize a resource structure step by step. The initialization process of the resource structure consists of the following steps:

  1. Specify a management account
  2. Create folders
  3. Specify a billing account
  4. Create member accounts

Compared with self-deployment, the resource structure initialization process provided by Cloud Governance Center simplifies operations and shortens the deployment time.

Account structure overview

After you initialize the resource structure, you can view the multi-account structure of your enterprise and track the changes of the member accounts in real time. The account structure is consistent with the resource directory. After you adjust the folders or member accounts in the resource directory, Cloud Governance Center simultaneously displays the latest account structure after the adjustment. For more information, see View the account structure.